Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Keira!

This week was a busy and fun filled week! It was highlighted by Keira's 3rd birthday. Her birthday was on Saturday, so we were able to plan her party on her actual birthday.

The week leading up to the party was fairly routine. Tuesday was a big rest day, to some degree. Ryan did not have scouts tonight, so he planned to ride with David and Kent, and I went on a quick run. Keira and Soren enjoyed playing with bubbles outside before and during my run, and used up all the bubbles!

Right before bed, Keira asked for Soren to lay down with her for hugs. They were so cute! I couldn't decide which picture was my favorite.

On Wednesday, we went to Maybury to run and ride. Keira enjoyed playing on the playground today at Maybury. We were also able to take advantage of the Cottage Inn $5 large pizzas in Commerce. They are worth the drive for the savings and the taste!

Thursday was a rainy, dreary day. We started the day at a free Kindermusik class, and it was pretty fun. I feel like it has been a while since we made it to one. Afterward, we did a few preparations for the upcoming party this weekend.

I had hoped to ride in the evening, but it was too wet and I am still fighting a cold. Instead, I started a week guest pass at Botsford Wellness Center, just down the street, so that I can get more swimming in. Cristina, works there, and we are hoping to work out together during my free week visit.

On Friday, we kept the day fairly low key. I wanted to keep nap schedules intact today since I worried that they wouldn't happen on Saturday due to the party. Soren is officially mobile. He was pushing up on his feet and his hands, and took a couple crawl steps on his knees, but mostly propels himself like an inchworm, pulling with his arms and raising his bottom to move forward. He enjoys his new skill.

I also baked the cookies today that would be decorated during the party. Both Ryan and I took a planned day off from exercise in preparation for our Saturday morning events. It was hard on both of us, because it was a beautiful day.

Saturday was a HUGE day! It was Keira's 3rd birthday. My parents arrived early in the morning because they had planned on coming to the Corporate Cup Relay with me where I competed on the Ford team. I am considered an alumni of Ford, and I am still allowed to compete for them. We compete as a team agains GM and Chrysler. The weather was pretty dreary, so we made a last minute decision to have my mom stay home with Keira and Soren and my dad came to the race with me. I ran a great race, and finished with a season PR of 23:03. I was really hoping to break 23 minutes because I know this race has so many fast people (pretty much only fast people enter this race), it is easier to push myself. I did have a huge improvement from my last 5K, so I am still pleased.

While I was running, Ryan rode to Dexter and back with the Wolverines. We spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready for the big party. This was my first experience with party planning on a children's level, and it was something else. I am so glad that we have such talented family members that were really able to contribute to making it such a great success! I can't imagine how much more difficult and costly it would have been if we had not been able to utilize the talents of our parents. Keira had a great time and all the kids seemed to be happy. I put a slide show of the pictures at the bottom, but here are a few highlights:
My mom did a fabulous job on the cake

The first activity for everyone was cookie decorating. We don't think Keira could have piled anymore sprinkles onto her cookie. We eventually had to stop her and take it away.

After the cookie decorating, Linda led a music and storytime for the children. It was a blast. All the children were so captivated by her activity.

Next, we sang happy birthday and cut the cake.

We finished off the party with presents.

Here is Keira modeling her dress handmade by Grandma with a matching dress for one of her favorite dolls.

After the party wrapped up, we got some Pei Wei, which is turning into the standard "birthday" restaurant. We also spent some time putting together Keira's new play kitchen from Nana and Papa after the kids went to bed. Keira was so excited to see it in the morning.

Sunday was a busy Sunday. We did a big breakfast with my parents before church and their drive home.

After church, we went to a farewell open house for our friends, Julie and Chet. Julie and I chatted this evening about how her first Sunday in our ward was also my first Sunday in the Northville Ward and how she remembered that I had stood up and said that I had just been sealed. I am so glad that she was able to remind me of that, because we had been back and forth so much between Toronto and here that it was hard for me to remember when exactly we became part of the Northville Ward. Julie has such a strong spirit and I always enjoy our conversations and feel uplifted by her. I wish her family the best as they move to Washington.

Today is actually the 6th anniversary to the date of our Sealing in the Toronto Temple. I was so happy to find this picture on our computer. We don't have a lot of digital photos from this time period, most are 35mm or lost from our old computer.
Up for next week, I have lots of triathlon training to do. We don't have a lot planned, but we always seem to come up with something.

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Cortnie said...

Happy Birthday Kiera! Sorry we couldn't make it! We wanted to bring your present yesterday, but the baby got the throw ups! Maybe we'll drop it by later this week!