Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Glimpse of Spring- Swings and Slides

This week was a pretty good week. We didn't do anything that out of the ordinary, but had a great time. The weather perked up for a day, and we were able to take advantage of the good weather, and then returned to the usual midwestern gloom of pre-spring. We were able to find fun indoors and out. Soren was able to experience his first slide and first swing this week, as well as additional food.

Monday started off a bit rocky. Soren was up a lot in the night, we are wondering if he was teething a bit, we aren't sure. At any rate, we didn't really do much as a result. We were really excited to get a call from Nana, who had just returned from a skiing vacation asking if she could come by. She visited for a while and we all enjoyed her company.

Tuesday morning I had great aspirations to have Keira and Soren wear Snowbird tees today. It didn't go as planned. Keira had an absolute fit that she had to wear a skirt instead of a dress, and Soren spit up MAJORLY all over himself in his shirt before Keira had even resolved her issues with getting dressed. Since I am the mom and ultimately in charge, Keira wore her shirt with skirt even though Soren had to be changed into another shirt. We needed to do laundry anyway so we'll try again shortly.
Soren is pretty messy, but after the whole ordeal, I felt I needed a picture anyway. He was soaked through both shirts.

Wednesday we had a playdate with Valerie, Katie, and Luke. We met up at the mall for the morning and enjoyed pretzels for lunch. Those are Keira's latest favorite thing to get there, which I guess is better than a cookie.

Soren as usual experienced multiple outfit changes. I am looking forward to the end of the spit up. I also was able to get out for a run today, but I went by myself because it was a bit chilly still.

Thursday was super busy. Soren has started to put his feet in his mouth, but he stops when ever I try to take a picure.
We went to Jungle Java with Naika and Gabby. When we first got there, Keira only wanted to play on the toddler area (3 and under). I was wondering when she would go to the big playarea that we paid the big bucks (well, not a ton, but more than I would have liked) to play on. Boy, did I eat my words/thoughts. Keira finally played on the huge play structure, but did not like to do it alone. This meant that I had to haul Soren through the mazes repeatedly. Keira would not go down the slide unless I went with her. Fortunately, there were 3 parallel slides so that I could have Soren sit on my lap and hold Keira's hand on the next slide over at the same time. It was a fun time, but I was pretty exhausted afterwards.

Back at home, resting up a bit before naptime.
Soren's cheeks are so wide, I think they are wider than Keira's when he smiles.
After I recovered, we decided it was warm enough to play outside for a bit. Our yard was fairly dry, and I convinced Keira if she wore jeans she could go outside. I figured I would put Soren in the stroller while Keira played just so he would be easy to move around, but Keira had other plans. She wanted to walk up to the playground and swing. The swings were the only thing that was dry at our playground, but fortunately, they are really nice swings, and both Keira and Soren were able to play on them. They have a nice buckle to keep Soren in tight. He was unsure at first, but then really enjoyed it. Keira loved it as usual.

On Friday, we went to the library for story time. Keira was a bit shy today. I am not sure if it was because we haven't been to one in a while or what. Eventually she warmed up and was able to enjoy herself.

We stopped at Meijer on the way home and Keira enjoyed "watching" Soren for me outside while I shuttled the groceries in from the car. It was such a beautiful day.

It warmed up to 69 degrees while Keira was napping, so I was anxious to get back outside with her and Soren to go for a run. I was able to make it my full route with both kids, even though I ran my first mile way to fast.

Keira did not want to come inside at all after the run. She stayed outside almost all evening. Ryan took a shift with her while I went inside to feed Soren his cereal. We also decided to try a bit of carrots. He wasn't really a fan.

Once we coerced Keira inside, we packed up and headed to REI and then to Noodles for Dinner. We got the weathershield on sale for my stroller so I will be able to brave the rain once Soren is old enough to face forward in the stroller.

Saturday was so gloomy. It rained almost all day. We had a great breakfast of waffles, chicken apple sausage, and turkey bacon. Not chicken and waffles, though, but great. Keira ate almost an entire waffle. I was able to go on a quick run during a break in the rain, which was really amazing that everything aligned- kids fed, sleeping, and no rain for just long enough for me to run. It started POURING almost immediately after I returned.

Soren and Keira look as if they are dressed for Fall today. It felt more like fall than spring today.

We were at a loss for what to do since it was so wet and there is only so much to do inside our house that jumped at the opportunity to meet up with Kris and Linda at the mall. Keira was devastated that it was too crowded to "go see the kids" at the playarea, but was consolled by playing in the food court.
Once we got home, we had a great dinner of salmon cakes that Ryan made from a recipe on the back of the salmon package. It was really fun to have Keira and Soren sitting at the table with us. Keira ate, and Soren just threw his toys on the floor and then cried until Keira or someone got them for him. It was pretty cute.

Today was the Spring Forward day. Basically, this just meant we had an hour less to prepare for church because the kids didn't know any different. With afternoon church, this didn't really mean much. I don't think it will have real effect until tomorrow. Now, if we thought we were loud with just Keira at church, we hadn't seen/heard anything yet. I think we were the loudest family today because Soren joined in with laughing and cooing during sacrament meeting. It was pretty cute, though. Keira did not want to take her fancy church dress off for her nap, so we let her pick ANY dress (non drycleanable, of course) to wear instead. She chose a spring dress, which was fine since we weren't going anywhere. I made her wear a top underneath, but she still looked so springy in it, a little like Minnie Mouse. Ryan attended a stake Priesthood meeting tonight.
Soren is styling in his little man clothes today. They are big, but the smaller size is just so tight around his waist and wrists.

Next week looks to be another fun week. I am excited because I have my first race since Soren was born and we will be traveling to Ohio for it. Hopefully it will go well. I know I can go the distance, but I am just not sure about the speed. Several of my college roomates will be joining me, so it will be fun regardless of pace.


Casey * Haley * Avery * Owen said...

O.K. LOVE LOVE the "future ski dude" shirt. I need to know where you found that... to cute! Soren is just too cute. I love his chubby cheeks. Kiera is getting so chatty in nursery, I love it. She is such a doll. My favorite line she says is "leave me alone".

Luna said...

Good luck in the race!