Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter Bunny Visit

This week was another action packed week for us. I will try to keep some of the duller items out of the blog. Highlights from this week include getting Keira registered for Preschool for the fall, visiting the Easter Bunny, some great weather for outdoor fun, and dinner out with Nana and Papa. Soren also turned 6 months old, and got rolling from back to front down.

Without a presidency meeting or free Kindermusiks this week, we didn't have a ton to do that was scheduled. Here are a few cute pictures of Keira and Soren from Monday and Tuesday.

We broke out the Easter decorations finally. Keira was happy to be allowed to play with some of them. Soren also enjoyed this bunny.

Tuesday evening, we went to the mall while Ryan was at scouts. I don't know who the little boy smiling in the picture is. Apparently, a new friend of Keira's.

Wednesday was pretty busy for us. We got up and went to get Keira registered for Preschool through the Novi High School. She will be in Miss Sheila's class next fall, provided we can get her potty trained by the fall. The line was a lot longer than I thought it would be, but we got into a class and then headed straight to the library for storytime. Keira and Soren will be featured on a poster at the library. I have a paper copy, but will be getting the digital file next week to post. It is super cute.

Soren also got really close to rolling over from his back to his front.

I ran on Hines Drive with Jessica tonight and it felt great. I was glad I ran with her because she really pushed my pace, and I am so glad she did.

Thursday, I had a visiting teaching lunch at Amber's. It was fun to socialize with Amber, Michelle, and Kimberly, and let Keira play with Sindney, Zach, and Paige. Soren also mastered his roll. It was funny, because he rolled onto his stomach while angry, and got even more angry when he ended up on his belly.

Keira was playing peek a boo with Soren. He turned his bib around "superman cape" style.

Since Soren is close to the 6 month mark, and happened to be wearing similar clothes to what he came home in the hospital, I thought it would be interesting to post these photos to show how he has grown. The bib is the same.

Friday was really busy. We wanted to go see the Easter Bunny today at the mall and meet up with Nana. Valerie was also heading up to the mall, and we were able to link up with her as well. Keira was so cute. She was a little afraid of the Easter Bunny, but did manage to tell him that she wanted a bike. She even told Ryan later that she asked the Easter Bunny for a bike. It was pretty cute. We were photographed by a photographer for the Novi News, so we may even appear in the newspaper this week, so I need to keep an eye out for it.

Soren was super excited about drinking milk from his sippy/bottle. He wasn't as excited about it earlier in the week when it just had water in it. He was so crazy, trying to feed himself already. He doesn't quite have the hang of it yet.

On Saturday, the weather was beautiful. Ryan rode his bike with Kent and David out to Ann Arbor and back with the Wolverines. Keira, Soren and I played outside with bubbles and went to the playground to swing.

Once Ryan returned, I went on a run. I was happy because I was able to maintain a pace more similar to what I ran earlier in the week, for an even longer distance. Apparently I have been slacking, and need to kick it up a notch, since it was not as difficult as I anticipated. Afterwards, we met up with Kris and Linda for some dinner at Pei Wei and some ice cream at Oberweis. Yum! Linda also watched Keira and Soren for us so that we could catch a break for a bit.

Sunday is Soren's 6 month birthday. We can't believe that a half year has passed so quickly! He is so big already too. Here are a few pictures of him from today.

The weather today was such a contrast to the rest of the week. I think March may be going in and out like a lion. We had rain that turned into snow. We kept Keira home from church today because she had a fever off and on over the weekend. It responded well to Tylenol, and since we have Soren's 6 month checkup tomorrow, we haven't been too worried about her. Her spirits have been high for the most part.

For next week, we have Soren's check up and some dentist visits. Hopefully all will go smoothly, and the spring weather will return.


dgreetings said...


Easter is coming very soon.. I have already created easter ecards. Please check out and send them to your dear ones all free..

Kris and Linda said...

It is amazing how fast they grow to look at Soren coming home from the hospital and now. He is very cute. Mom