Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Traveling with Kids

I have been thinking about traveling with our children for some time now. I need to get over my fear of driving in the car with Keira more than a half hour to hour so that I can bring them to see my parents. Driving got really sour for us when commuting between Avon and Novi. I dreaded it so much, but it was better than being by myself in MI all the time when Keira had her weekly OT appts. I can't deal with doing it anymore, and I thought it would be better now that Keira can communicate somewhat more, but she is still in tantrum phase and has her worst ones in the car. I hate it. There isn't anything I can do other than let her cry when there isn't anyplace to stop. Sometimes she cries so hard she throws up, which is horrible. Soren is easy in the car, not Keira. I love flying with kids, it is so much easier- except that the airlines nickel and dime you to death now for everything you bring. As I was thinking about the stuff I will need to borrow vs bring to NYC, a little headline popped up in my google news toolbar about an article featuring the follow blog:

They are giving away a convertible stroller carseat that is meant for traveling to cities where you need to be able to use a taxi, public transit, or whatever. I get an extra entry for blogging about it. You can go to the site too to check out the other traveling tips or enter for yourself. I haven't finished perusing the site yet, maybe it will help me conquer my driving fear......

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Rich said...

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