Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fat Tuesday

This week was a very fun week. We had a lot of activities, so I felt like it flew by.

On Monday, we ran some errands after Keira's school. It was rather warm, so the kids wanted to play outside, but it was just too soggy.

On Tuesday, it was Fat Tuesday! I have made a point over the past few years to head out and get paczki for us and to take with me to anything I needed to do (usually a presidency meeting). Today, I had already made plans to go visiting teaching. I was excited to be able to bring a box to Deborah, where we visited with her. We also dropped by Shannon's house to bring her a King Cake (from New Orleans) and some paczki. Keira and Soren loved the bavarian cream ones the best.

On Wednesday, after Keira's school, we went over to Sally's house to get Keira's bangs trimmed. Keira and Soren had so much fun over there that they didn't want to leave. Linda stopped by for a short visit once we got home, and Keira and Soren had fun seeing her.

On Thursday, we had a very busy day. I took Keira and Soren to the free Kindermusik. It might be Keira's last one here! They had a blast as usual.

After the class, we rushed over to the gym for my longest midweek run, 10 miles on the treadmill. I had just enough time to get it done and take a super fast shower before the time expired and the center closed for the afternoon. That evening, I attended our Relief Society Anniversay/Birthday celebration dinner. It was a great evening, and very inspiring. The stories that were shared were about trials that women encountered and how they were able to perservere through them. We all have trials and struggles. The dinner and desserts were great as well. Keira and Soren were very excited to get to bring home some balloons from the decorations.

While we were at church, Ryan went to the climbing gym for the first time in a long time. As a result, he was quite sore the next few days.

On Friday, I took Soren to the library storytime while Keira was at school.

After picking her up, we met up with Valerie, Katie, and Luke at Laurel Park to play. They had a great time, although Keira and Soren had a tough time sharing the car.

That evening, we went to Town and Country to look at bikes for Keira and Soren. They love being able to play with the bikes over there. We had a carbo loading dinner at Noodles to finish out the night.

On Saturday, Ryan was able to get in a 20 mile ride on Hines Drive. It was nice to be outside. His indoor partners were out of town this weekend, and it was sunny for a short time in the morning.

I took Keira and Soren to the library for this month's craft, a suncatcher shamrock. This year's craft was much easier than last years; they used contact paper to adhear the tissue paper instead of glue on acetate.

We also stopped at Michael's to get ribbon to make some pony tail holders like Keira saw at the mall yesterday.

That afternoon, I went running with Cristina to do my final 20 mile run of my marathon training plan. This was the end of my biggest mileage week, 38 miles. This isnt' quite as high as I ran for the marathons in the past, but I had not been doing the level of cross training then, so I am pretty sure I am ok. We finished the 20 miles in 2:49:24! We were smoking! Part of this was because we met up with Monica for a few of the middle miles. She was in a hurry to get home and wasn't running as far as us. I felt really good during the run, and actually pretty good afterwards. I even took Keira and Soren out with me to pick up take out that evening. Ryan was working on a talk for Sacrament meeting for tomorrow.

On Sunday, we didn't really get hit much by the time change. It was more like church was an hour earlier than ususal. Ryan was all set for his talk, and I was planning to sub in nursery. Kris came to church to hear Ryan. Keira and Soren were fairly good during Sacrament as well. Ryan's talk went very well. I ended up not subbing in nursery because there were only 5 children total between the two classes, so we combined them.

Here are Keira's projects from the week:

Up for next week, it is the start of my taper. I am in Keira's classroom 2x this week, so that will help me scale back.

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