Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bowling and Ann Arbor Hands on Museum

This week was a very fun week. Keira had 2 special events at school this week and I was able to go to both of them with her. We also had some great spring like weather and were able to get outside and enjoy it.

We started off the week with Keira's field trip to Novi Bowl. Keira had never been bowling before, and really struggled to get the ball down the lane. She takes after her parents. I had to help her "push" it, as when she did it herself, many times it ran out of steam and stopped in the middle. She had a blast, which was the point. She loved hanging out with her friends and did not want to leave. She even bowled a few extra frames at the end for a classmate that didn't finish. She didn't do too terrible either! Soren was also fine with just hanging out at the bowling alley and eating pizza. I couldn't believe the tiny bowling shoes!

One Tuesday, I kicked off my virtual race that I am doing, the Cupcake Marathon. I am to run 26.2 miles over the course of a 2 week period. I plan to do it this week as part of my regularly scheduled training for the Martian Marathon. For all the updates on this, see here.

On Wednesday, I was able to volunteer at Keira's school for the visit from the Ann Arbor Hand's On Museum. It has been tough to get to school early enough to get a spot on the sign up sheet, but I was happy to get this one, as well as Keira. She grabbed the sheet and handed it to me when she saw there were blanks on it still. I worked at the measuring station, where we had the children measure dinosaurs in units of sponges. We also measured the children in units of rubber chickens, fish, and lobsters. Keira liked this station, as well as the sorting station. They sorted plastic animals based on criteria of has legs, has not, and things like that. She also liked the fishing station.

I was also able to take the kids outside today for the first stroller run of the year. They had a good time.

Keira also got to take her bike out for the first time this season (beating me to it).

The Keira and Soren also enjoyed playing with chalk.

On Thursday, it was St Patrick's Day, so we dressed in green.

After my long run at the gym, we picked up some Lucky Charms cereal. Keira and Soren spent the afternoon picking out the marshmallows and just eating those.

They did also get to play outside again today. It was even warm enough for Keira to wear shorts while biking!

On Friday, I took Soren to storytime while Keira was at school. The theme was monkeys, so Soren really enjoyed it.

Right after the Keira was done with school, we headed out to the outlet mall to take advantage of the Gap Give and Get sale and meet up with Linda, Ellyn, Bryn, and Lleyton. It was fun for Keira to hang out with Bryn and we were able to find a few great deals. We ended up being out there so long that Soren missed his nap, especially since he didn't fall asleep in the car on the way home. He skips it on Sundays now, so while it wasn't ideal, it wasn't the end of the world. That night we met up with Cristina and her boys for family swim at Botsford. Keira loves swimming, and was so excited to go. Soren also really enjoyed himself and while he stayed on the stairs for a lot of the time, he did have fun "swimming" in the water. We will need to see if we can find him a life jacket that lets him float upright instead of the infant style that floats him on his back, and I think he will have more fun. If I really knew what I was doing swimming, I could just teach him how to swim for real!

Saturday was another really busy day. We started off the morning by heading out to Ann Arbor. There was a tri demo at the Running Fit that is just down the street from the bike shop where I needed to look at helmets and check on my "draft box" for my new bike that Ryan had ordered. The strangest thing about the morning was that while I was driving the kids over to Ann Arbor, Ryan was on his bike, riding with the Wolverines for his first outdoor ride of the season with them, through Ann Arbor, to Dexter, and back. He wasn't able to stay with the lead group for the full ride, but finished with an average speed of over 19mph, which is not too shabby for the first outdoor ride of the year. I was able to try on an aero helmet (which will be called an "alien helmet" from here on) as well as pick up the draft box. It finishes the air foil shape on the rear of the box as well as provides storage for necessities of riding, such as mini pump w/CO2 cartridge, tire levers, and spare tube. I am glad Ryan installed it, because it was a pain to install.

After finishing up at the bike store, we went down the street to Running Fit for their tri demo. The most interesting part is the "transition race", where they have 6 local athletes race through the transition process only of the tri, with just short laps of the parking lot on the bike and run. The winner was under 3 minutes for T1 and T2. I actually knew 4 of the participants this time around. Soren was kept amused the entire time by a toy VW bus. I saw it sitting on one of the tables as an advertisement for the "Run Woodstock" event, and knew Soren would go for it. We almost forgot to put it back, but stopped outside on our way out for a photo op with the real Running Fit VW, the "school bus" as Soren called it.

Ryan and I arrived home fairly close to each other, and I headed out to Kensington to get in 12 miles, which is a step down from last week's 20 miler. It was really nice out, and a good change to be able to run without a jacket and hat and need sunglasses for the sun and not to block the snow. Cristina and I posed for a few pictures for our Cupcake Marathon. I finished it up (totaling 4 runs) in 3:40:43. Not too shabby for a taper week with the jogging stroller and walking between sets of 800s and 400s included.

That night we went to Bagger Daves for dinner. It was packed, so by the time we finished up, it was bed time.

On Sunday, I taught the Relief Society lesson on the Word of Wisdom. I love the blessings that are received by following this commandment, and I have a testimony that following them will allow me to "run and not be weary, and walk and not faint". It makes me very excited to have the opportunity to run a full marathon in less than two weeks from today! We also went over to Kris and Linda's for dinner this evening. It was great to visit with them, and we won't have as many opportunities to do this in just a few weeks!

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