Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ups and Downs

This week had some some big high moments, but also some lower ones. We were saddened to learn of the passing of Ryan's uncle Monte. His family is in our thoughts and prayers. We are grateful for eternal families and hope that they can be comforted to know that they will be together again.

On Monday, I picked up the paperwork for Keira to start Kindergarten! I can't believe where the time has gone. We are going to go ahead and get her signed up here, just in case. Other than that, we didn't do a ton today. I swam while Keira was in school, and Ryan worked on getting some Sufferest videos downloaded for indoor cycling. I did the workout portion of one called Revolver, using my own music and watch to do the intervals, as well as my own warm-up/cool-down, and it was TOUGH!

On Tuesday, I decided to skip the Tread and Track class that I had been doing at the gym. I made sure to get there after it had started, just because I felt bad that I wasn't doing it because I feel like it isn't meeting my training needs anymore. The past couple times I did it, there was not enough sprinting and running, and a lot of strength training. Strength training is good, but I wasn't getting my miles down and it was making me too sore to do them well when I had the chance. We ran completely out of milk today for Soren, and one of the highlights of the kids' day today was getting to ride in the "car cart" at Busch's. They have recently started a program where one item each day of the week is on sale insanely cheap and you can buy one of them with no minimum purchase. Unfortunately, it was not super cheap milk day, that is Thursday. When we got back, Soren was in heaven because there was a digger in front of our house, scooping snow into dump truck. I don't think it gets much better for him, AND we got our snow removed too.

On Wednesday, Cristina met up with me at the gym while Keira was at school. I have several 1 month free passes to my gym, so I was able to get her set up with one. We spun for about 30 minutes before the Bike Run Brick class started, so we got an hour of spinning plus about 30 minutes of sprinting and running. It was a great class, and really fun to have Cristina there too. I felt like she really pushed me on the sprints to stay ahead (even though I had a head start). That afternoon Michelle and Amber stopped by for visiting teaching, and then Nana stopped by for a quick visit. I kept Soren up to see her, so he had a nice long nap.

On Thursday, we started the day with Kindermusik. Keira is always excited when she can go. Keira and Soren both enjoyed the class. I hope that we are able to find something like this in Louisville that is free. We may only get to do one or two more of these with Miss Karen!

That afternoon, Keira and Soren played "cats" with each other, and spent a lot of time crawling around on the floor and under tables. It is great when they are getting along.

I also called REI today to check on some sale items that I thought would be going on sale on Friday. I was surprised that they had already made the markdowns and they had the items I wanted, and put them on hold for me. Once the kids went to bed, I ran out to get my things. I have tried this jacket on so many times, and it finally got marked down low enough to get it (since I have a perfectly fine ski coat already, and an XS is pushing it a bit). I also got a coat for Soren, and price adjustments on the snow gear we got last weekend for Keira, as well as some tights we got her for our ski trip. It was a great shopping experience!

On Friday, we had a busy day. Ryan volunteered at Penrickton with BCE, so he had a later start than normal. While Keira was at school, I swam and took Soren to the library. He just loves storytime, and the parachute was a highlight of today.

That evening, we went out to Ann Arbor for haircuts for the guys. Soren did great, and actually sat in the chair on his own today. He always looks so much older with shorter hair.

After haircuts, we headed over to Two Wheel Tango so Ryan could check out the Trek Speed 7 concept on sale in my size with me. It was on sale, in stock, and the Trek prices had already gone up on their website, but this one was purchased before that happened, and they would honor their price until Tuesday. We didn't put a deposit down tonight, but I really wanted to. Then, we got Chipotle for dinner. Yes, my diet has loosened up a bit, but I am thinking after Valentine's Day, it will need to get tightened back up again.

Saturday was a great day. Ryan went to the church for cleaning and then rode indoors. I called up TWT and put a deposit down on the bike. I have a week or so to change my mind, but I at least locked in that price. After making that call, I took Keira and Soren to the library to make Valentines. They had a good time with the stickers and stamps, and further embellished them once we got home.

Once Ryan got home, I met up with Cristina for a 20 mile run. Finally, we had a great day for running! It was in the 30s, there was no fresh snow, and the pavement was pretty much dry! We kept a great pace (8:46min/mile), and finished our 20 miles faster than we did our 19 the week before by a lot. I was pretty exhausted and starving by the time I got home. We are back to our pizza Saturday nights again, which is nice. The kids love it too, and they eat well. Keira also worked on her Valentines for church and school.

Sunday was a fairly restful morning. Ryan and I were planning on subbing in nursery and I had wanted to make cupcakes for us, as well as something for Ryan to take to work on Monday. I got ours done, but couldn't decide what to do for Ryan to take to work right away, since I would have a ton of icing left over from ours. We went to church, and it was Ward Conference, so Kris was there. Linda had already flown out to Utah for Monte's funeral, so we invited him over for dinner. Keira and Soren were very excited to hang out with Papa.

After dinner, I decided to just make more cupcakes for Ryan to take to work. They looked like Pinkalicious cupcakes to me, but Keira said they were missing the cherries and other fruits on top. After tonights cupcake making (and tasting), I am going to have to get back to the diet soon!

Here are Keira's art projects from the week:

Up for next week, we have Valentine's day and Keira has been invited to THREE birthday parties in the same week! We will be pretty busy with our party girl. Thankfully, today is a step down week in my running mileage, so I can give my body a bit of rest and have time to get her where she needs to be. Thankfully, Soren can go to 2 of them, so it won't be too tricky for me to manage.

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