Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sick Week & 3 Cedars Country Christmas

This week was a tough week for us. We spent a lot of time inside this week. It was pretty cold, and both Keira and Soren were sick this week. We did manage to get out to Three Cedars on Saturday evening to see Santa, after missing him at the ward Christmas party.

On Monday, we did a lot of running around today. We finished up our Christmas decorations (for the most part) today. The highlight of Keira and Soren's day was that it was Greg's birthday at school, and his mom was nice enough to bring extra cupcakes for the siblings. This saved me from having to bake cupcakes this afternoon!

We also picked up Keira's school picture proofs. Her bangs were long overdue for a cut, and while I had them in a "swoop bang" across her forehead, they apparently got brushed entirely to the sides for the photos. We ordered the full body shot. She chose her own outfit, a Christmas one, despite my suggestions for a fall outfit to match the background. At least the brown was a good compromise, and it is a beautiful outfit.

On Tuesday, Keira felt her worst today. She spent a lot of time on the couch in front of the TV. Soren was in good spirits, and was very excited about all of the Christmas decorations. It will be a challenge to keep him away from them. We really didn't do much at all.

On Wednesday, Keira was well enough to go to school. I took Soren to storytime, as he was still feeling pretty well today.

That evening I went for a run and encountered a woman who had been locked out of her home by her children. She was very upset, and I did not have my phone. She lived down the street from Valerie, and I ran over there first, but no one was home. She was fortunate that her in-laws lived in the neighborhood; she gave me directions to their house, and I was able to run and get them to help her out. I am glad that I was able to help, and yet again, thankful for our lock box on our home. Her children were both younger than Keira and Soren, but Keira and Soren have done similar things to me. Once I got home, I went back out with the car and phone to make sure she was OK, and she was.

On Thursday, we didn't do much of anything. Soren had started to feel sick, and his nose just wouldn't stop running! We stayed in all day. In fact, I had the dealership come over to pick up my car for an oil change so we didn't have to leave the house. I walked to get it once Ryan got home. It was hard to stay in all day with sick children. Both kids did nap, and we watched Polar Express about 3 times (once with Soren, once with Keira, and once with them both awake). I welcomed a freezing cold run in the dark tonight, as well as did some errands once the kids were asleep.

On Friday, Keira went to school, but we still did a lot of nothing. Keira's teacher told me that she couldn't move well in her snow pants, and it made me think of Randy from A Christmas Story. I was able to convince Keira that she could move in them, so hopefully that won't be an issue anymore. She wore them on Wed with no issues, but had a dress on underneath, and not baggy pants.

The kids bickered a lot because they just didn't feel well. We tried explaining that Santa only gives presents to children that behave. They love the song, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" but don't quite seem to get how their actions go along with the words. That evening, despite the kids being still somewhat sick, we bundled them up and took the out to Ann Arbor for their Weihnachtsmarkt, which was only tonight. It was really small, and in the farmer's market space in Kerrytown. It had only a couple authentic German booths, but we did pick up some chocolate advent calendars for Keira and Soren.

We also went out to dinner at the Heidelberg with Kris, Linda, Greg, Ellyn, and all the kids. They did very well considering how tired they were and that it was late.

On Saturday, I woke up super early to run 10 miles in the freezing cold darkness with Valerie. We ran so early because we had a church breakfast with Santa scheduled for 9:30, and Ryan had building cleaning afterwards, and wanted to ride as well. When I got back from my run, Ryan and I felt that the kids were too sick to spend the morning with lots of other kids, and opted to keep them home. Ryan went ahead and got his bike ride at the Tree Farm done during the breakfast, and then went at the end to clean up. Keira and Soren were pretty bummed that they didn't get to go to the breakfast, so I made them breakfast for lunch. I also got out our pyramids (I waited to get the big one out until Soren was asleep), since they didn't have one set up last night.

They started to feel a bit better in the afternoon, so once Soren woke up from his nap, we headed over to 3 Cedars for their Country Christmas display. It is really fun to head over there. Everything is decorated nicely and they do a nice job with Santa pictures. They are also the only cider mill that is still open, so having cider and donuts was also a main highlight of the evening! It was too cold to play outside, although we did have to pry Soren off of the wooden train. Keira and Soren were both really excited to see Santa, until about 30 seconds before and they freaked out. We did a family shot, and bribed Soren to sit still by the promise of the cider and donuts, as he just wanted out of there. The picture came out a lot better this year than last year!

On Sunday, we had another distastrous sacrament meeting with Soren at church. Between not feeling well and his age, we just struggle with him to be quiet, and sharing is also a big issue with him and Keira. Ryan took him outside and drove him around a bit to see if he would go to sleep, but no luck. We eventually brought him to nursery, and I ended up subbing in there, so he was OK. We had a restful afternoon at home.

Sadly, we were unable to get onto for the Christmas Devotional due to "server errors", but hope to be able to tune back in to watch the taped version this week.

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