Sunday, December 12, 2010

First Real Snow!

This week, was fairly low key. We played a bit of catch up from last week being sick. We went to Costco several days this week as a result. The big event from this week was Ryan's work bowling party. We also got a little bit of snow on Thursday, but a LOT of snow on Sunday.

On Monday, Keira went back to school, and Soren went to the gym. Things were normal again! We did some errands today. Here are a couple of shots of the kids playing at home.

Keira made this ornament at school today.

On Tuesday, I tried a new class at the gym. It was a tread/track workout where we did sprints on the treadmills mixed with lunges and other exercises on their sprint track. This was an excellent workout, and it currently fits very nicely with my daily/weekly training plan to have a low mileage speed workout on Tuesdays. I trained this way leading up to my first half marathon in 2005, and although I am honestly a ton faster now than I was then, I look back at that time and just remember feeling fast. I think it was just because I had made huge speed improvements in a short period of time. I will likely continue this class as long as they let me, since I am currently on the basic plan at the gym, taking classes only with the owner's permission. We had hoped to get together with Katie and Luke today, but could not because they were now sick. As a consolation, I took Keira and Soren to Laurel Park to play with the Thomas train set.

Soren also had fun with his fake phone this evening, after drinking a cup full of old cider required a complete clothing change.

Ryan had fun with the kids doing a choo choo!

On Wednesday, I tried another new class at the gym. This time it was not as beneficial for my training, but was still a fun class. It was a combination spin and treadmill class. It was only 30 minutes of spinning, followed by 30 minutes of tread/track. I usually do intervals in the pool on Wed, so I had to cut my swim short, and my run was also short today (per the Plan), so this class will only work if I end up short on my biking. I need to start biking at least 1 evening a week.
It was gingerbread day at school today, so Keira wore her gingerbread clothes. She also made a present for Ryan and I, and she could not wait for Christmas for us to open it.

Once Ryan got home from work, we were able go out and get hooks to hang our Annaberg Falstern (paper folding star from Annaberg, Germany). We ended up over engineering it, because we found some nice decorative hooks rated to 35lbs for our paper star. It is over our nativity. Hopefully in our next home, we will have a nice 2 story foyer or something to hang it to better display it.

Thursday was our busiest day. We started off the morning at free Kindermusik, and Keira was able to go! We ran into Lisa and Luke, and we hadn't seen them in a long time. It was nice to catch up.

After the music class, Valerie watched Keira and Soren for me so that I could go to Dearborn with Ryan for his BCE Christmas Bowling Party. Ryan and I are not bowlers, and last year, we were part of the last place team and won gift cards to Target. This year, we figured we would use the same game plan to try to win the last place prize again. We were easily successful, even though we were legitimately trying to bowl. That is just how bad we are compared to the other people Ryan works with.

My dessert was a hit:

I also received a Compex tee in the mail! I am done with racing for the year, but it will be nice for wearing to my new classes at the gym.

On Friday, I took Soren to the library storytime. Another thing against the gym Wed class is that it conflicts with the Wed Storytime. It was favorites week, so Soren really enjoyed doing the wheels on the bus and jump and count, which we haven't done in a while.

We also got a light dusting of snow. Keira and Soren were sad that we couldn't build a snowman.

We took a few pictures of decorations that I forgot to do the first time around:

We used our Chili's gift cards that we won yesterday from bowling for dinner tonight! We also watched the movie, Inception, which was very cool. I always have strange dreams, so it was very interesting to me.

Saturday was a very low key day. Ryan rode indoors with Kent after his church cleaning. Once he got back from that, I ran 11 miles outside with Valerie. I am really glad we waited until the afternoon, because the sun was out and the roads were not slippery at all. They were a bit slick last night. Keira and Soren had a good time pretending to be reindeer, and having reindeer races in the kitchen.

Sunday was very snowy. We made it to church just fine, but it was lightly attended. It was the Christmas program, so Keira went up with the Primary Choir. We
braved the snow and went down to Kris and Linda's for dinner tonight.

Here are some of Keira's projects from last week and this week:

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