Sunday, September 12, 2010

Keira's first day of School!

This week wasn't too packed, since I posted about the holiday on the end of last week's post. The big event of this week was that Keira started back to school on Wednesday.
On Tuesday, Keira specifically asked if we could go to the playground that we always see on our way to church. Since it was the last day before school started, we went ahead and went. Valerie, Katie, and Luke were also able to meet up with us there. The merry go round was one of the highlights for everyone.

There were no Tuesday night church activities since it was the first day back to school for the district. Keira's first day back will be tomorrow. We went to Maybury as a family.

Wednesday was the big day for Keira! Here are some shots of her on her first day back to school. The first picture, I submitted to Gymboree, and it was selected as one of their favorites and placed in an album on facebook.
Soren took Keira's old backpack, and he has insisted on bring it in the car with him every time she has hers.
Keira is outside of her classroom.
Miss Jan is her teacher, and was getting class started.

She did great. She really enjoyed it. She has class with several of her friends from last year too. Her project for today was a crown, which she would not wear for a picture. She painted it pink. After school, we went to McDonalds to meet up with Nana, Ellyn, and Lleyton for some lunch. I did a short TIA workout tonight as most of the people had big races coming up this weekend.

On Thursday, we started the morning at a free Kindermusik class and were joined by Nana. Keira and Soren had fun as always.

On Friday, Keira was back at school. The wooden handicap ramp is quite the amusement for both Keira and Soren. Keira brought home some worksheets and a paper where she had written her name today.

That evening, we had dinner at TGI Fridays. I enjoyed my food, but almost everyone (except Ryan) was still hungry when we left. It was a bummer to spend more tonight than we did at OTB last weekend and we took home leftovers there. I also got a scary call from my parents tonight. My dad is OK, but he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle near the reservoir by his house. He is pretty banged up, but did not need to go to the ER. We are thankful that he is OK and that the car wasn't going any faster than it was.

On Saturday, Ryan went for a 64 mile bike ride with the Wolverines. It was pretty windy, so he worked really hard to maintain an over 20mph average. I didn't do much with Keira and Soren this morning, so they were a bit stir crazy this afternoon. I ran with Valerie for 12 miles in the rain. It was nice to do a long run, and I was so glad we ran together because I don't think either of us would have done the whole distance on our own in those conditions. Keira and Soren don't like watching football on tv (imagine that), so it was a bit of a challenge to keep them occupied during the three games that we were interested in watching. Ryan was very happy that UM beat Notre Dame, and I was pleased that OSU beat Miami. BYU did not win.

On Sunday, we had my first rehearsal for the Primary Program. I was really dreading it, and thankfully, it did not go nearly as badly as I feared it would. We did have to make a bunch of changes to get the flow right, but that is what the rehearsals are for. We had a low key day at home after church. Keira and Soren located all the pillows in the house and lined them up on the floor. They had a blast marching around and screaming "chop to". We aren't really sure where that came from.

They also both wore their bear hug pjs tonight, and hugged each other a ton. Unfortunately, they fell into Keira's bed, and Keira gave herself a really fat lip. She was very ready to go to bed at that point.

Next week is shaping up to be a full one already. Keira is at school three days, I have a couple running events, and we have Lleyton's birthday party to attend. It is also take your child outside week in Novi, so I hope to make it to one of those events as well.

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