Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan!

This week was a great week. It was the last week before school starts, so it was pretty full. We celebrated Ryan's birthday, had college football start, cider mills open, and Labor Day all in one week!

Monday was our typical day, go to the gym, errands, and play for a bit.

That evening, we went to Maybury. It was super hot and humid, really nasty out for working out, so we didn't stay on the playground very long at all.

On Tuesday, it was another super hot day, and we haven't had one like it since. We picked the perfect day to go to Spring Mill Pond with Valerie, Katie, and Luke. We had a great time playing in the water and the sand.

That night, Ryan was able to squeeze in a lap at Lakeshore, in the terrible heat, before scouts. We drove separate because Soren slept so long after getting home from the beach; he didn't wake up in time for us to ride together.

On Wednesday, I attended Keira's preschool orientation for parents only. She will have Miss Jan and Miss Shelley as her teachers, and will be in class with several of her classmates from last year. She will go MWF, from 9-12. From the orientation, it seems a lot more like school this year than last. It will be interesting to see what she thinks. While I was there, Linda watched Keira and Soren at the Novi Sports Park.

That evening, I got in a workout with TIA. The attendance is getting sparse now that the race seasons are coming to a close. This is pretty much my only cycling that I do, so I hope that they continue as long as the weather holds out.

On Thursday, we headed out to Ann Arbor for back to school haircuts. Keira and Soren both got hair cuts from Brittany at her new salon, Salon Fraxure. She is working for herself now, so we wanted to support her in this new direction. Here are a couple before and after shots. We are trying to grow out some of Keira's bangs.

On Friday, it was Ryan's birthday. Soren started out the day by being "dangerous".

We drove into Dearborn to have lunch with him at Buddy's Pizza. After lunch, Keira wanted to make Ryan a cake, so I made one for him. Keira wanted it to be pink, but I talked her into blue. She wanted the whole cake to be blue, not just white with blue writing. I do not know why it won't upload correctly.

We had dinner with Kris and Linda at Claddagh, which was very good. They came over to our place afterwards to enjoy some cake.

Soren really enjoyed the icing.

On Saturday, it was the first day that Parmenter's Northville Cider Mill was open. Yeah! We love their cider and donuts, and had to go get some. After our morning workouts, we headed over. Keira and Soren had a blast playing on the train.

That afternoon, Ryan attended the UM/UCONN game with Greg, and had a great time, especially because Michigan won. We pretty much just hung out and did a few errands.

On Sunday, we attended church. My jaw had been bothering me for the past several days. My ankle has been feeling quite good lately, so I had stopped taking medication for that, which is when I noticed my jaw pain. I went over to Urgent Care to have it looked at. I initially figured I would wait until Tuesday and just see my dentist (which is what the Dr said I should do in about a week if things don't get better), but I just couldn't take it anymore. The good news is that I don't have an ear infection/throat infection, but it also means we don't know what is going on. We went to Kris and Linda's for dinner, and Greg and Ellyn came over too. Keira ended up spending the night with the girls there.

On Monday, we celebrated Labor Day. Ryan did two laps at Lakeshore park, and I took Soren out for a run in the single stroller. It is so much lighter!

After our workouts, we met up with Kris and Linda and the girls at our Stake Labor day picnic. We didn't stay long, and it started to sprinkle as we were ready to leave.

We had dinner at On the Border that night. Keira and Soren were a bit on the crazier side tonight. Perhaps they had too many sweets at the picnic and were overtired. We did see the DePotter's at dinner, although they were finishing up as we arrived.

Next week will be exciting- Keira goes back to school on Wednesday!

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