Sunday, June 6, 2010

School's Out!

This week was Keira's final day of school. It was a class party at her favorite park. Needless to say, the end of school for Keira meant that this was probably the longest 4 day week ever.

Tuesday we started the morning with Keira's end of school party at the Novi Sports Park. It was a madhouse over there. I have never seen the park that busy, even when the day cares are there. Thankfully, the Novi schools had the pavilion reserved and were able to enjoy Rosco the Clown away from the chaos of the playground. Soren was terrified of Rosco, and Keira wanted to sit with me, but was otherwise fine. She was pretty grumpy about it being the last day, and didn't want to stand with any of her friends or her teachers for pictures. For more pictures, check out Christina's page.

These are some photos that Christina sent me:

On Wednesday, I started the morning at the gym, and had a presidency meeting. It poured rain on us as we left the gym. It was raining super hard, and the longer I waited, the harder it rained. Finally, we just sucked it up and got wet. Keira had a blast playing at Shannon's. This was her first meeting there, and enjoyed playing with Benjamin and Grant. Ryan stayed home this evening so I could go on a ride with Cristina and Valerie, as well as the rest of the TIA crew. I did one lap with Valerie while Cristina rode way head with Monica, and then did my second lap with Cristina as Valerie ran. I got in 27 miles, and averaged 17mph. I was pleased with myself, especially since I swam already today.

On Thursday, it was our first day of no school. Of course, both kids were up super early and ready to go (leave the house) by 7ish. Nothing aside from Home Depot and Meijer are open this early, and I can't get meat until 9, anyway, so we hung out at home a bit before heading out on errands. As a result, Keira conked out on the couch today once we got back while Soren slept in his bed. We hit our playground once he woke up.

Ryan did his usual Thursday ride and I ran with the stroller in the evening.

On Friday, we had a pretty busy day. I got in my swim, and then we finished up our errands. We also went back to the Sport Park, which was thankfully not so crazy today.

I also had a call-in meeting this afternoon regarding my new sponsorship, Team Marathon. I also received my team kit in the mail. I really like it, and I can't wait to get my bars in the mail. They are still working on populating the team website with pictures and race schedules. Hopefully it will be done soon. That evening, we went to Family Swim night at Bostford. Keira and Soren always have a blast in the warm therapy pool. They did ask to go in the regular pool, and Soren cried, "cold pool" over and over when we stuck his feet in. Cristina had to work, so she didn't swim, but she was able to hang out a bit with us.

On Saturday, Ryan rode 65 miles at 20mph. It was his last club ride with David B, who will be moving in a couple weeks. I took Keira and Soren to Home Depot to get plants today. Keira enjoyed picking out a few plants. Thankfully, Soren slept early today so I was able to get everything in the ground before Ryan got home. Keira enjoyed helping.

I ran 7 miles once Ryan got back, and then we grabbed some dinner at On The Border. Thank you David H, my brother, for the gift card! We also went to David B's daughters HS graduation party that night. It was a fun filled day and we got things done. Ryan also picked up Kris and Linda from the airport. I was thankful I didn't know how bad the weather got, because I would have been worried about the tornado warnings and circling clouds spotted by the airport that I learned about later.

On Sunday, I had Sharing Time, and Soren was a disaster in nursery again. He wouldn't go in, and Ryan hung out with me a bit in Sharing Time with him. We came home and just crashed. I think Keira was the only one who didn't get in a decent nap. I made a great dessert from the Rice Krispies website, called chocolate yummies. It is the total opposite of an organic healthy dessert, because it was a bunch of processed dessert/snack items combined with corn syrup to be a fabulous tasting stick bar that had our kids bouncing off the walls. We took it over to Kris and Linda's, so at least they had more room to be crazy there. We enjoyed seeing all of there amazing Alaska pictures from their trip. We hope to go someday as well. We were also joined by Greg, Ellyn, and the children for a bit this evening before we had to get the kids home for bed.

Up for next week, we will be working on getting some sort of morning routine, as well as preparations for Keira's 4th birthday, which is Sunday!

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About Christina said...

great post! Thanks for linking back to my blog :) You got some very cute pictures as well. I just love the sunshines they made --ours is front and center in the kitchen. Had fun today, we'll have to get together again soon