Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Warm Weather

This was another warm but wet week! Soren also had a few firsts, and we had our taxes done. Keira and Soren also switched to daylight savings time a week early, so we were able to get a lot done in the mornings. Hopefully they don't get up any earlier next week after the official change!

On Monday, we went to storytime at the library, and then spent a lot of time outside in the yard. I got a lot of cute pictures of them playing on our court.

On Tuesday, Keira had the day off of school for parent teacher conferences. Natalie watched Keira and Soren while I met with Miss Sheila. She said Keira is doing great in her class, and her attitude is even better at school than at home. She gave me a few pictures of Keira taken at school. This is from the first week.

These are from the Science Alive field trip at the ITC.

That afternoon, we also got Soren's hair cut at Salon Dettore. Miss Kasey, who also works at the gym, cut Soren's hair. He was a bit shy at first, but then relaxed and sat pretty still. We will definitely be going back for the next round of haircuts, as the cut, price, and location are great for us.

Then, it was time for more playing outside.

Once inside, I got out a dress that was sent to us as a hand me down from my friend Lisa. Her daughter wore this dress when she was 2, and it just now fits Keira. She enjoyed modeling it, and decided she wanted to wear it to church this week.

On Wednesday, we really had a low key day. Soren will say "phone" now, and ask for a real cell phone now. He gets really agitated when it is taken away too. Here are a couple cute shots of him "talking" on the phone.

Keira didn't want to go back to the library, so we yet again enjoyed some time outside.

On Thursday, we had a BUSY day. I worked out BEFORE dropping off Keira at school because everyone was up so early, and then headed to a presidency meeting. The meeting got out a little too early to go pick up Keira, but not early enough to go home and actually do anything before needing to head back. We decided to park the car at the school and walked over to Fuerst Park. It is where the old Novi Town Hall building has been restored, and there is a small path and park.

We also got a good view of the new library.

This is Keira's craft from today, a Keirasaurus.

After we got back, Soren took a much needed nap, and then it was off to our CPA to get our taxes done. We will be getting a nice refund this year, so that is always great news. After our taxes were complete, we grabbed a quick bite to eat before Ryan took the kids home and I headed to a Midweek Relief Society Meeting. At this meeting, we worked to tie baby quilts for local hospitals. I was able to get my quilt entirely finished before the end of the evening. In all, we had materials for 42 quilts donated by the sisters in our ward, and many people took additional quilts home to finish.

On Friday, we had another big day. I swam a super fast mile- 37:31, and then took Keira and Soren to an open toddler gym at Conrad's Gymnastics with Valerie D, Katie, and Luke, and Kelly, Laken, and West. Soren and Keira both had a great time. Soren loves to climb on EVERYTHING, so he was in heaven.

That night, we went over to Town and Country, and Ryan was able to order his new fancy Specialized Tarmac to use as ride leader for the Wolverine Sports Club. It should arrive in a few days, so this was very exciting.

Saturday, we had another very full day. I spent the morning at a Primary Stake Leadership Training workshop, and unfortunately, a very long slow moving train caused Ryan to miss the Kiddie Crafts at the library with Keira and Soren. They arrived too late to start the project, but did take the materials home. We will work on them next week. It was pretty dreary outside, but I ended up having a great run with Valerie B. We ran a lot further than we thought we would go initially, so it was a good thing we got together. Kent even did a few miles with us! After getting cleaned up, all of us headed over to Kent and Valerie's for pizza and Guitar Hero! What a great day! We did have to end things a bit early due to the time change, but we started early enough to have a decent amount of time. I brought my camera, but didn't get any pics since we played Band Hero in party mode with 4 guitars. I hope all future GH games come with that feature, because it is really easy to pop in and out of the game as the kids needed something.

Sunday was a long day for me. Keira and Soren were both pretty tired all day, and I had a meeting after church. I did make some cookies when I got home, and both Keira and Soren were very interested in them the whole time. It was pretty difficult to keep them away from the Kitchenaid!

We are hoping that Keira and Soren don't get up any earlier next week than they have been getting up this week! Ryan should also get his bike, and hopefully the weather will cooperate so he can get it out on the road!

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