Sunday, March 7, 2010

In like a Lamb?

I am pretty sure that March came in like a lamb this year, but I am not sure how I feel about that. We had a very mild week. It was great to have some sunshine and slightly warmer temps, but I think I will be bummed out if March goes out like a lion and we get a snowstorm or something right before Easter. I am hoping to be done with snow, but I think that is unlikely. We did have a pretty fun week.

On Monday, we started the day by hitting the gym and then the library. Lisa, Dominic, and Lucas joined us for the storytime. We also spent a decent amount of time reading books before leaving the library. It is always an adventure with Soren with shelves of books around. We ended up taking home a huge pile of books because he pulls so many off the shelves, and we checked out about half of them. I jokingly call Soren "Danger" because he is into everything. Here are a couple pictures of him being dangerous. He climbed onto this box of milk using the wall as an arete (in climbing terms).

He also learned he can reach the faucet by standing on the seat of the toilet.
While Soren slept, Keira took out her train, so it could be safe from all the "danger".

On Tuesday, I had a presidency meeting while Keira was at school. This week was community helpers week, and they made chef hats and "pizza". She also brought home many other projects that were hanging on display in her classroom.

Soren was also up to more trouble today. He was being surprisingly quiet in our downstairs bathroom, and this was what he was up to:

Since he learned how amazing it was to climb onto the seat of the toilet to reach the water this week, he also learned he could reach the tissues as well as the toilet paper. The toilet paper had already been relocated once to the counter instead of the wall holder due to a previous incident. It could have been much worse, though. This only took a few minutes to clean up, and we salvaged most of it. He also took great joy in closing Keira in this bin. He has enjoyed sitting on it since we got it, though. She was trying to figure out if she could fit in it, and Soren climbed on top once she did. Fortunately, we were around and it is not airtight at all. To avoid an future incidents, I did place the lid high on a shelf while we determine what to do with this final empty bin.

Finally, we finished off the evening with a starlight storytime at the library. Keira and Soren looked so cute holding hands as they walked in.

On Wednesday, Soren got up really late, so we had a pretty lazy day. I got to the gym late, and since we had already been to the library twice this week, we weren't too worried about going back today. I couldn't get Keira to wear her chef hat for a picture, but Soren put it on.

I also thought it was really funny how wide Soren's cheeks looked through our spindles. When he stuck his face in, his cheeks would stick out wider than them.

Keira joined in the action.

We also busted out the bubbles today. It was pretty wet out from the melting snow, so we didn't stay out long. We just wanted to take advantage of the sunshine and get out of the house a bit.

On Thursday, I didn't have anything scheduled while Keira was at school, so Soren and I could hang out and go grocery shopping. To continue the community helpers theme this week, Keira made a doctor's bag, bandaged a patient, and was fingerprinted.

It was also warm enough again that Keira could ride her bike. Soren had to ride the Pooh cart, but at least it was something. He can say "bike", and asks for one all the time.

On Friday, I had a great swim! I beat my PR by 2 minutes for the mile and finished in 38:21. Then, we hurried over to catch a Kindermusik. We can only go to the Friday ones that are held once a month, and I need to be fast to work out and make it to these. We were late, but fortunately it ran over, so it was still worthwhile to attend. Keira and Soren always enjoy them too.

Once we were done with storytime, I brought Keira and Soren down to Canton and Linda watched them while I sewed a baby quilt for an upcoming Relief Society meeting next week. As usual, it took longer than I anticipated, but not so much longer that it messed everything up. We had a late lunch at McDonald's (Keira's favorite) before hitting Target and then home. Soren was so tired by the time we got home! Ryan got home early from work, and we just hung out at home the rest of the evening in preparation for our Saturday workouts. Keira rode her bike and Soren said his first sentence: "I need bike". We know the helmet is overkill for the Pooh cart, but Keira wanted Soren to wear it. Soren seemed to like it as well.

On Saturday, Ryan had his first preseason ride with the Wolverines. It was a beautiful day, and they went 49 miles at around a 17mph pace. This was great considering it was preseason! While Ryan rode, I took Keira and Soren on an 8mile run in the stroller. I was pleased to stay at a sub 9 min/mile pace. We did have to make one pit stop for Keira. Thankfully, one of my friends from church was pulling into her driveway just as we ran by, only a few minutes after Keira asked to use the potty. This is one of the advantages of running in the neighborhood where we know so many people from church. Had I not asked her, we had a couple other homes we may have tried, but likely I would have just ended my workout early to head back home. Soren took a short nap in the stroller, but wouldn't go back to sleep once I returned home.
Keira and Soren played in the car while I got the stroller out. They had a blast.

Ryan calls these blocks "the swimmies" since they have through holes in them. They are fun for tower building (and knocking down!).

Since Soren was awake when Ryan got home from his ride, we were able to head out to get some food from On The Border once we got cleaned up. We had a great late afternoon meal, and Soren was pretty tired. Without really thinking about what time it was, we put him down for a nap. It got to be close to bedtime for Keira, and he was still asleep, so I just pulled out pjs for Keira and put her to bed too. We kept the monitor on, expecting to hear from Soren either before we went to bed or pretty early in the morning, but we didn't! He must have been really tired!

On Sunday, we had a really well rested Soren, so it made the day a bit easier. Keira was scheduled to recite a scripture in Sharing Time, but I had to say it for her. We had practiced it during the week, but she only said parts of it, and they were so soft that even with the microphone, they couldn't be heard. Ryan took Soren into Nursery today. He was a bit apprehensive after being stuffed in there last week, but Ryan stayed the whole time since he isn't quite old enough to stay by himself yet. I made a lasagna once we got back from church, and it was very tasty! We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening trying to entertain Keira and Soren while relaxing, which is easier said than done. Ryan was swinging Soren around and accidentally flipped him over his shoulder. This became the new favorite thing. Soren kept reaching up in the air, tipping his head back, and saying, "flip, flip!"

Keira enjoyed it too.

Up for next week: We are getting our taxes done, which means Ryan will be able to finalize his choice for a new bike soon!

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