Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rest Week

This week was a very low key week. We had some rainy and cooler weather that kept us inside a bit, and many of our regular programs are over for the summer or the month. However, we did get out and about a bit and attended some other out of the ordinary activities.

On Monday, we attended the Music and Movement class at the library for children 1-3, and it was a lot more organized than the previous class for Soren for the prewalkers. Keira and Soren both enjoyed it a great deal. One of Soren's favorite activities was crawling across bubble wrap taped to the floor. They set this up as something to do while they waited for everyone to arrive, and I think he would have done it all day long.

Keira enjoyed all the songs.

We also took advantage of a dry day and headed to Maybury once Ryan got home and got a ride in before the rain came to get the trail nice and wet.

On Tuesday, the weather dried out a bit, so we were able to attend Puppets in the Park, at Lakeshore Park. Keira and Soren both enjoyed the presentation of the country mouse and the city mouse. We should have brought chairs or a blanket, but it was still entertaining.

Keira is dancing to one of the songs during the puppet show.

The puppeteers had a few marionettes that the children could try out. There were also crafts and games to do.
We also spent some time at the playground afterwards. We were photographed by the same photographer who took our picture for the Novi News before Easter, so hopefully we will make it in next week's paper. Hopefully the newspaper photographs turn out better than mine.

That evening, I was able to take a break from Keira and Soren and attend a baby shower for Amber.

On Wednesday, we didn't do a lot. We had some silliness in the morning at breakfast.

Keira also tried on her back to school outfit for a facebook photo contest.

We can't forget about Soren.

On Thursday, we did a couple of errands, but not much. Keira actually wore pants today by choice, until I realized she thought she had pajamas on still at the grocery store. Then she wanted a dress on as soon as we got home. We also did playdough animals. That evening, I attended enrichment, which was a bbq that had to be moved indoors due to the weather. It was still a great time.

On Friday, we headed out to Ann Arbor for haircuts for Ryan and Keira. Keira got a few inches cut off, and Ryan got the usual. We had a great dinner out at the Original Cottage Inn.

On Saturday morning, Ryan rode with the Wolverines with Kent as the ride leader in the morning. Keira and Soren were hugging so sweetly, but as soon as I got my camera, things turned for the worse. Soren started beating Keira with his bat and pushing Keira away. It was pretty funny. She isn't learning, and Soren is just starting to fight back.

He's coming to get you!
It was also Soren's 11 month birthday today. He isn't walking, but will take one step and then squat to crawl. His balance is improving, and he will walk if you hold his hands. We had some fun outside while waiting for Ryan to get back from his ride.

On Sunday, we went to church as usual and then to Kris and Linda's house. They offered to have Keira sleep over so that Soren could sleep in his crib and attempt to sleep all night. He seemed excited to try out the crib.

Well, his sleeping issues won't be fixed in just one night, but he did sleep better. I let him cry a bit in Keira's room, but he just wasn't going back to sleep on his own and caved and got him. I couldn't sleep listening to him cry through the walls. It was an improvement, but I can't wait until I can get a full night's sleep again.

Up for next week: We have one last week of summer and Ryan's birthday. It should be a fun week since I need to cram in a few summer activities while we still can. We are looking forward to some fall activities, college football starting and the opening of the cider mill, which both happen next weekend.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

T Rex Triathlon and Maybury Time Trial

This week was a HUGE week for us. We had two major sporting events; I competed in the T Rex Triathlon on Wednesday, and Ryan, Keira, and I competed in the Maybury Time Trial on Saturday. We also had some other fun activities throughout the week, including Ryan's department picnic. We really lucked out from a weather standpoint, because it was expected to be very bad all week long, but managed to stay pretty dry for the most part.

On Monday, we went to Maybury so Ryan could get in a full lap of training. His former Tree Farm Relay teammate Rob, joined him. I went on a short run to round out my triathlon training, and planned to just rest until race day.

On Tuesday, Keira, Soren, and I made it to Kindermusik in Plymouth with Lisa, Dominic, and Luke and Emily and Brooklyn.

Keira, Dominic, and Brooklyn had a good time outside the class, and looked really cute on this ledge. It wasn't very high, so nobody worry!

On Wednesday, we tried to keep the day pretty low key and skipped our church park day to go to a library movement class for infants. When we got there, it was a little different than we expected since it was being put on by another group. It was pretty full and wasn't specifically catered to pre-walkers, as it was advertised by the library, but we still had a good time. It was a nice fun thing to do with Keira and Soren knowing that the evening would be a bit crazy for them. The "big kids" were waving a parachute over the "little kids".

Once Ryan got home, we headed over to Island Lake State Park for the T Rex Triathlon. It was the final race in the series of 3 (I did the first, but not the second). On the way, I realized that although I had prepared several water bottles for my bike, I didn't bring them with us. We didn't have time to turn around and go home, so fortunately Cristina was a lifesaver and had an extra bottle that I could borrow. I was glad that was the only drama for me of the night. I was in the 3rd wave to start, and had Jennifer, an expert swimmer, to start with me. It was great to have someone so confident at swimming standing with me at the start to really calm me down about swimming. I was able to do freestyle for the majority of the swim, taking a few breaks either doing breast or on my back, and I took 7 minutes off my swim time! I was so pleased, especially because I was able to feel somewhat relaxed in the water. Once on the bike, I just tried to go as fast as I could. I averaged 18.6mph for the 12 mile course. I took a few minutes off of my bike time as well. The run was also a significant improvement. It was not so hot, and the course was slightly different, and I knew what to expect. I was able to run at an 8:15min/mile pace for the 5K. It rained a bit during the run, and it felt refreshing, but I was glad I was off the bike when it started. My finish time was 1:28:40, over 13 minutes faster than my race just 2 months ago! I was so pleased with the improvements that I made. It was also really fun to race with so many people I know. Valerie, Barb, and Cristina also improved their times, and Jennifer and Will finished strong for their first tri ever. Jennifer and I are waving below.
Jennifer really looks like she is diving in for the star of the swim. I am just to the left of her, not really starting my watch.
Keira is being cute as always.
Out on the bike:
This is the start of the run.
This is more of Soren's cute face that he debuted last week.
Here I am sprinting towards the finish. It was getting dark so the camera had a big delay.
Cristina, Me, and Soren. Cristina was a huge help with my training, especially swimming, and a lifesaver with the extra water bottle.
Me, Soren, Valerie, and Keira. Valerie really motivated me to do the tris this summer.
The unofficial Northville Ward Tri Enrichment Group- Barb, Jennifer, Valerie, and Me.

On Thursday, we kept it pretty low key. I had a presidency meeting that lasted all morning and through lunch because we all kept talking about the race (Valerie and Jennifer are in the Primary presidency with me). The weather was really holding up well, so we all went to Maybury in the afternoon to review the additions to the trail that made up the race course. I did a light run, but didn't get any biking in. Ryan rode the "race only" sections of the course with Rob. Keira, Soren, and I spent most of the time on the playground, though. I ran just a very short distance with them to get the kinks out of my legs.

Friday was a pretty busy day considering that it was a rest day for both Ryan and I. We attended his department picnic at Helm's Haven on Hines Drive. It was really fun for everyone. They had a playground, which thrilled Keira, and Soren even went down the slide too.

They also had a bunch of games for the kids. Keira tried to get hula hooping, but needed some help from Ryan.

Another activity that Keira really liked was the candy search for the little kids. We have a huge bag of candy now.

She was also able to have her hair braided and beaded.

Saturday was another huge day. It was a cool day and felt more like fall than summer, but it didn't rain on us. My mom drove up in the morning to come with us to the race and help out with Keira and Soren. Ryan headed over to Maybury early to get things set up and I joined him with my mom and the kids closer to his race start time. This race was a time trial format, which meant each of us had our own start times, and we were divided by class and age group. Ryan competed in the sport class, I did beginner, and Keira did the children's race, her first race ever!
Ryan started off the morning and finished really strong. He was not passed by anyone during his ride, and passed several people. He placed 3rd in the Sport 30-34 age group. It had rained overnight, so the trail was still a bit wet and muddy for Ryan's race. We also met up with Kris and Linda after Ryan's race. This is Ryan in the starting gate.
Start of Ryan's race:
Here is Ryan approaching the finish.
Ryan is just about to cross the finish line in orange. Ryan got a bit muddy, but not as bad a Tree Farm.

Keira had her race next, and it was on a path that connected the two pavillions, with a pretty decent downhill and uphill. She was so cute. We did a warm up lap, and she asked to do it again. I was glad, because I was a little afraid that the hill would scare her and make her not want to do it for the race. She did seem concerned that she was not racing on the same race course as us, and we had to explain that she was in the kids race with a special course. Keira is all lined up to start.
This is the big downhill that she needed a bit of help on.

Here is Keira crossing the finish line. She didn't want to ride under the sign, so the men moved for her and scared her a little bit.

After Keira's race, it was my turn to ride. I was up first for the 30+ beginner women. I passed a few people from the classes/age groups ahead of me, and was passed by 2 ladies on the course. Fortunately, I still rode faster than everyone else that I didn't see, and took 3rd as well. Ryan and I were both really pleased with our performances. Here I am starting the race.
More of me starting out.
Here I am approaching the finish line.
The racers: Me, Ryan, and Keira.
Keira sat just like me in the grass.
Keira is playing with Soren in the grass.
Keira had fun with Nana and Papa while Ryan and I were racing.
Ryan is accepting his award.
Keira with my mom.

After the race, we went to Poole's Tavern in Northville for a late lunch/early dinner with Ryan's parents. My mom decidede to spend the night, which gave Ryan and I the opportunity to go out to see GI Joe. It felt great to get out of the house just the two of us.

Today was just a standard Sunday. My mom stayed for breakfast, and then we headed to church. Ryan had a Priesthood meeting where Kris spoke in the evening.
This balloon is still full of air and still provides so much amusement!

Up for next week, I have a baby shower to attend and enrichment meeting. I am sure we will get out biking or running.