Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Fun!

This week was spent enjoying the summer. We have been really busy all summer long being outside, but this was one of the few weeks that really felt like summer to me. This has been a fairly mild summer, and it was very hot all week as well. We spent a lot of time outside and went to our pool 3 days in a row! We had only been once this summer previously, and with the end of August approaching, I felt like we needed to get some more use out of it before the summer slips away. I also hit the tri training pretty hard this week for next week's final T Rex Tri at Island Lake.

Monday was a slow day, recovering from the weekend's big trip. Keira actually let me style her hair today, and I really enjoyed it. For the first hairdo, I tried to make it look like her Cinderella doll.

Next, I just did a French braid. I hurried, since this was the first time she has ever let me do it, so it isn't the greatest, but she kept it in most of the day.

Here is a photo of Soren with his scrape on his face from his fall on Sat. It doesn't seem to bother him at all. I got a pool swim in (thanks to Cristina for getting me in to Botsford and the Carter young women for helping with Keira and Soren) while Ryan was at work. Once he got home, we headed off to Maybury where I ran while Ryan rode.

On Tuesday, we stuck around the house during the day and decided to walk/bike to our playground by our pool. We apparently haven't been there in a while because when we got there, it had been totally redone! I knew they were doing some work on it, but hadn't realized the progress. The swing set up is really nice, and much safer. The old swings were too close to the fence and some of the equipment was definitely aging. I did like how the old set had 2 new baby swings, but Keira did fine with a regular swing so Soren could swing too with her.

I also got a lake swim in at Island Lake with Triathletes in Action. I felt brave (less shy) because I knew Cristina would not be there tonight to get me through it, and I lucked out because I was running late, and of all nights, the main group left on time without me, and I actually knew the other stragglers so that I was still able to get my swim in with a group. Ryan had an outdoor pack presentation this evening, and I met him there to bring Keira and Soren home. Keira did not want to leave the Tanner's fun home.

Wednesday was another really fun outdoor day. We had our church Park Day in Ford Field in Northville (there is a Ford field in nearly every suburb here). It was packed and Keira, Soren, and I enjoyed the company of others from the ward. It was a beautiful day too. I was glad we had the big stroller because there was no parking at the park at all, and I had to park a couple streets over. It was a nice day to stroll through downtown Northville as well.

That evening, Ryan squeezed in a quick loop at Maybury before I met him at Island Lake to do a "brick" with Valerie, Barb, Jennifer, and Will. We have quite the group from church doing this tri. It was like our own little mini enrichment group, plus Will. It was really fun to have everyone out there working out together and I had a great workout. Running with Will really pushed me, and hopefully I can remember how that feels and do it again during my race. We did the full bike and run courses, so in the past 24 hours, I did the whole race.

On Thursday, we all horribly overslept and missed our Kindermusik class. I was glad it was free, but I was a little sad because this would have been Keira's last Thursday class with Miss Karen because she will be in school for the next ones until next summer. It ended up working out OK because we were still able to meet up with Cortnie, Averie, and Ella afterwards anyway. They came by our place and we had some fun with bubbles in our yard. Keira really misses Averie, and talks about her all the time.

Soren has also been getting really good at standing for brief periods, especially if he is holding something. He isn't trying to walk yet, but he will let go to hold a toy and stand really still.

When Ryan got home, we went to the pool for a little bit. We remembered to bring the "boat" this time and both Keira and Soren enjoyed it. We didn't stay long because Ryan had a 40 mile bike ride planned with Kent and David. I did realize that it would not be impossible for me to take both kids myself to the pool, though.

On Friday, as a result of yesterday's pool experience, I mustered up the confidence to take both Keira and Soren to the pool by myself. Fortunately, there were other people there in the event of a real emergency. Everything went pretty well, and I even managed to get Keira and Soren out of the pool, to the basement of the clubhouse so Keira could use the potty, and back again into the pool before wrapping everything up and coming back home. We air dried a bit in the yard before heading inside. Once Ryan got home, I rode a lap a Maybury to prepare for my OTHER race next week, the Maybury TT, which Ryan is also doing.

On Saturday, Ryan rode with the Wolverines and David. He left his computer in the car, so I don't have the stats for you. While Ryan was gone, we went to the library for Kiddie Crafts, where Keira made a pinwheel or spinwheel, as she calls it. It was so hot today, I was glad we were inside.

When Ryan got back, I did a quick lap at Maybury, enjoying the shade of the trails. It wasn't too bad in the trees. Once I got back, we hit the pool again as a family.

Soren enjoyed being tossed in the air.

Keira was tentative, and didn't want to let go of Ryan's hands, but still wanted to be up high.

On Sunday, Ryan picked up his parents from the airport while I took Keira and Soren to church. They were both pretty well behaved and we managed to make it through Sacrament with only one minor bonking and one potty break. I really took some time on my hair today, and was pretty pleased with it. Sundays are pretty much the only day that I do anything aside from a pony tail (which is a style, really!).

Soren has also just started making this face where he says "ooo", and it is pretty cute. You can actually see his top teeth that he is just getting in as well when he does it. He is now up to 4 teeth, 2 top, 2 bottom.

Next week is shaping up to be an insane week. The weather is supposed to be bad, which is also part of why we crammed so much outdoors into this week. I have my tri on Wednesday, which is actually supposed to be fairly clear, and then Ryan and I both have the Maybury Time Trial on Saturday. If the weather is decent, Keira will also attempt the children's race, which I have been told is just a lap around a pavilion and non competitive. Hopefully, if the weather is good, Ryan will be done with his race before Keira's, and she will finish before mine. Otherwise, it could get interesting.

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