Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rest Week

This week was a very low key week. We had some rainy and cooler weather that kept us inside a bit, and many of our regular programs are over for the summer or the month. However, we did get out and about a bit and attended some other out of the ordinary activities.

On Monday, we attended the Music and Movement class at the library for children 1-3, and it was a lot more organized than the previous class for Soren for the prewalkers. Keira and Soren both enjoyed it a great deal. One of Soren's favorite activities was crawling across bubble wrap taped to the floor. They set this up as something to do while they waited for everyone to arrive, and I think he would have done it all day long.

Keira enjoyed all the songs.

We also took advantage of a dry day and headed to Maybury once Ryan got home and got a ride in before the rain came to get the trail nice and wet.

On Tuesday, the weather dried out a bit, so we were able to attend Puppets in the Park, at Lakeshore Park. Keira and Soren both enjoyed the presentation of the country mouse and the city mouse. We should have brought chairs or a blanket, but it was still entertaining.

Keira is dancing to one of the songs during the puppet show.

The puppeteers had a few marionettes that the children could try out. There were also crafts and games to do.
We also spent some time at the playground afterwards. We were photographed by the same photographer who took our picture for the Novi News before Easter, so hopefully we will make it in next week's paper. Hopefully the newspaper photographs turn out better than mine.

That evening, I was able to take a break from Keira and Soren and attend a baby shower for Amber.

On Wednesday, we didn't do a lot. We had some silliness in the morning at breakfast.

Keira also tried on her back to school outfit for a facebook photo contest.

We can't forget about Soren.

On Thursday, we did a couple of errands, but not much. Keira actually wore pants today by choice, until I realized she thought she had pajamas on still at the grocery store. Then she wanted a dress on as soon as we got home. We also did playdough animals. That evening, I attended enrichment, which was a bbq that had to be moved indoors due to the weather. It was still a great time.

On Friday, we headed out to Ann Arbor for haircuts for Ryan and Keira. Keira got a few inches cut off, and Ryan got the usual. We had a great dinner out at the Original Cottage Inn.

On Saturday morning, Ryan rode with the Wolverines with Kent as the ride leader in the morning. Keira and Soren were hugging so sweetly, but as soon as I got my camera, things turned for the worse. Soren started beating Keira with his bat and pushing Keira away. It was pretty funny. She isn't learning, and Soren is just starting to fight back.

He's coming to get you!
It was also Soren's 11 month birthday today. He isn't walking, but will take one step and then squat to crawl. His balance is improving, and he will walk if you hold his hands. We had some fun outside while waiting for Ryan to get back from his ride.

On Sunday, we went to church as usual and then to Kris and Linda's house. They offered to have Keira sleep over so that Soren could sleep in his crib and attempt to sleep all night. He seemed excited to try out the crib.

Well, his sleeping issues won't be fixed in just one night, but he did sleep better. I let him cry a bit in Keira's room, but he just wasn't going back to sleep on his own and caved and got him. I couldn't sleep listening to him cry through the walls. It was an improvement, but I can't wait until I can get a full night's sleep again.

Up for next week: We have one last week of summer and Ryan's birthday. It should be a fun week since I need to cram in a few summer activities while we still can. We are looking forward to some fall activities, college football starting and the opening of the cider mill, which both happen next weekend.

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