Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

This week was a pretty fun one. It was not a usual week, we had an action packed week with a low key weekend due to Keira getting the flu.

On Monday, we celebrated my birthday by going to Pei Wei as a family and meeting up with Kris and Linda for dinner. We had a great dinner and topped it off with an ice cream pie from the neighboring Oberwies Dairy next door.

Tuesday was my actual birthday. It was really an uneventful day. We did make it to Kindermusik, but I have no pictures. Lisa, Dominic, Emily, and Brooklyn were there, so it was a good time. The weather was less than fabulous, so we really didn't do much else. Ryan had scouts in the evening, so it was pretty much just me with Keira and Soren all day.

Wednesday was more fun. We started the day off at the library because Storytimes had resumed.

After that, we were able to mix work and pleasure. I needed to take the car in for some minor maintenence and chose to drop it off and walk home so I could fix lunch while they worked on the car. I also figured that Keira could ride her bike outside before getting the car, but it was done so quickly, that I decided to let Keira ride her bike to get the car (there is sidewalk the entire way except for one empty lot that just has a mowed grass path in place of sidewalk, so it was totally safe). It took us about an hour to walk/ride the half mile to the dealership to pick up the car and return home, but Keira was loving it, and it was better than just walking around our neighborhood and not actually accomplishing anything. She had a great time, and it was just far enough away that she was fine with stopping when we got to the busy intersection to sit in the stroller but not so far that she was unhappy and overtired. She was also happy to have cookies while we were there.

On Thursday, it was Take Your Child to Work Day at Ford. Keira was too young to just go to work with Ryan, but I brought her and Soren into Dearborn to have lunch with Ryan at Buddy's. After lunch, we went back to his office and were able to observe some of the activities they had for the children. We spent some time in the Ergo lab where they were using motion capture software to project the children's movements into a digital assembly environment. This technology is similar to what is used in film and video games for realistic special effects. It is useful in the assembly environment to ensure that the vehicles can be assembled by people of different sizes and that tools and bodies can fit where they need to fit. Keira was too small to participate, but she enjoyed watching. When I first hired into Ford, my mentor was in the Ergo group, and they were just getting the software set up and a lab built. It has come so far in the past 9 years, I couldn't believe it. We also made the rounds trying to see as many people that we could find to show off Keira and Soren. Ryan's manager, Mark White, from when we launched together in Oakville, enjoyed holding Soren. It was Soren's first trip to Ford.

On Friday, we had a presidency meeting at our house in the morning, so Keira enjoyed having her friends come over to play. Once that was done, I realized that I had failed to notice that I needed to have the oil changed in my car when we were at the dealership earlier in the week, so I had to go back and have that done. We waited for it to be done instead of coming home and back.

Once Ryan got home, we went to Maybury where I ran with the stroller and Ryan biked. Keira and Soren both got to play on the playground too.

Saturday was a day that things didn't really go as planned. I was planning on attending the Stake Women's Conference qith Soren while a friend watched Keira. However, Keira woke up quite sick, so I took her to the dr's office instead. She has the stomach flu, and is still sick as I do this post, but has improved a lot. Ryan was still able to go on his bike ride with the Wolverines and his friends, Kent and David. The had a great ride out to Ann Arbor and back. When Ryan returned, it was my turn for a bike ride, however, as soon as I got to 8mile and Beck, I got caught in a terrible downpour, and had to retreat home. I had been eyeing the skies, but was hoping that it would blow through or I would have time to ride before it struck. It was a fast moving storm, so after returning home, I was able to go on a run instead since I can run on wet ground, not bike. It was a great run, and I ran into two friends while on their run, and joined them for an extra couple miles.

On Sunday, Keira slept almost all day, and I took Soren to church. I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting. With our home off of the market, I have taken a renewed approach to being happy and content with our housing situation. We have really been blessed so many wonderful things, that I am really trying to express how grateful I am for them, and not take them for granted. We have a wonderful family, friends, employment, and a home we can afford. We cannot ask for anything more. We are allowed to be happy even in this time of economic uncertainty.

Up for next week, we are unsure of what we will do. We are hoping that Keira feels better soon so that we can get on with more fun and enjoy the outside some more.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Biking and Beautiful Weather

This week was another typical week where not much happened in the beginning, but soon got crazy busy as the weekend approached. We had some damp weather in the beginning of the week, but it dried and warmed and we were able to take full advantage of the great weather. I also hostessed a Partylite party and my parents came up for a quick visit over the weekend. Our condo came off the market because we let our listing expire. It looks like we won't be moving anytime soon.

Monday was a pretty light day. It rained, so we were indoors for about the whole day. Keira took the opportunity this week to wear her new dresses/clothes she received for Easter.

Tuesday, was another cold, damp day. We didn't have any music classes to attend, but did make it out to the mall for a bit while Ryan was at scouts. We were able to see Haley while she was working at the Gap, which made it more fun.

Wednesday was the start of the beautiful weather. For lunch, I finished up the last of the Easter eggs, with Soren trying to eat his and turning his face quite blue. Keira was upset when I took hers out of the shell and couldn't put it back.

After the egg drama, we went outside so Keira could ride her new BIKE! She had a blast, and when Ryan got home he worked with her as well, teaching her to turn herself. I was able to go for a run by myself because it was still too wet for the mountain bike trail for Ryan.

Thursdays was spent running around making preparations for the upcoming party. Linda called at the perfect time, and we met up for lunch in the middle of doing the errands. I was so glad she called, because I was dreading going back out again (I had to stop home between meijer and costco to put things in the fridge/freezer), but a good lunch out with her was more than enough incentive to get it all done. We also hit costco together. That evening, we all headed over to Maybury so that I could meet up with Jessica for a run and Ryan could ride the bike trail. I ran with the stroller at Maybury, which is a huge challenge due to the hills. Jessica got a huge kick out of hearing Keira tell me to run faster. We were both happy to run into Michelle once Ryan finished, and were able to hand off the kids to him to do an extra mile or so with her.

I spent Friday prepping for the party, getting as much food ready as possible in advance. Keira also was able to ride her bike again.

Once Ryan got home, we all headed back to Maybury for another ride/run. I was able to make it 3 miles of the hills with only a few breaks to walk. I wanted to run hard today because I wasn't certain of if I could do anything on Saturday due to the party. Keira started heading up the hiking trail on her own!
Here is the Maybury playground. Keira is finally about big enough to play on it, but still needs a bit of help.

Saturday was incredible busy. Ryan got up early and went out to ride with the Wolverines to Ann Arbor and back. They are at their summer start time of 9am now. While Ryan was gone, I finished up some of the food and cleaning, and then took Keira and Soren to church for the baptism of two girls from Primary. This was not so easy to do with both Keira and Soren and no Ryan. We made it through the baptism and confirmation, but after 3 different head bonkings on the bench for Keira and Soren getting hungry but not eating at church, we had to bail before the full program was over. We got home just in time for Ryan to arrive, and he got cleaned up while I got Soren fed and happy, and then while Keira slept, I was able to sneak out for a quick ride at Maybury. It was amazing how much better this ride went than last week! I think my body remembered how to do it this time, and I was also in such a huge hurry that I couldn't stress about being scared and was able to shave 7 minutes off my time from last week. I walked in the door and Ryan asked me if I did the whole train, to which I responded "yes, and I even bought a bag of ice on the way home!". I hurried and got ready for the party, which was really fun. I can't believe we didn't take any pictures. It was a bummer because since it was a candle party, we had a ton of beautiful candles lit and displayed in the kitchen. Keira loved it, and was a great help setting out the tealights and votives. It was fun to catch up and just have a little get together with some good food as well. Thank you to Linda for her salad and desserts, and Lisa for her picante dip! My parents came up just in time for the party, and my dad hung out with Ryan during it.
Soren conked out in the kitchen amidst his toys while I was finishing up the food prep for the evening.
Keira and Soren in their church clothes from the baptism. Keira was so excited to go to church to be able to wear her Easter dress. She asked to wear it everyday this week once it was washed.
Sunday was another big Sunday for us. We did a big breakfast for my parents, and also Keira and Soren received their Easter presents from them. Keira and Soren were both excited about their new clothes and toys. Soren is actually able to play with toys now, and will get mad at Keira for taking things away from him. Ryan spoke at church today on Faith, and did a great job. My parents, as well as Linda, attended our sacrament meeting to hear him speak. My parents returned home after sacrament, and we finished out our meetings to come home and have a restful evening at home. It was a short visit for my parents, but it was great to see them.

Soren is getting really good at sitting!
This next week should be another fun one. Somebody (me) has a birthday, and our library classes return, as well as Kindermusik. We will also be attending take your child to work day with Ryan, so that should be really fun as well. The weather is not forecasted to be that great (it is raining now as I write), so hopefully we can get some more fun in outside too.