Sunday, April 5, 2009

Doctors, Dentists, and General Conference

This week was spent by getting a lot of appointments out of the way. We had Soren's 6 month check up and Ryan and I had dental cleanings. This was also General Conference Weekend. Keira is getting over being sick, but Soren started to get sick, probably some variant of what Keira had.

Monday, first up we had Soren's 6 month appointment. His growth has slowed, but he is still growing nicely. He is 18.5lbs and 26.25 inches long. He is about 66th percentile for weight and just under 50th for length. He had several immunizations, which unfortunately resulted in a minor reaction of a fever and fussiness. One acceptable side affect of this was this he actually slept through the night until about 6am.

Tuesday was not that busy of a day. Due to the fever winding down, we kept things low key. Soren conked out in a matter of seconds sitting on our bed while I was getting ready for a run.
Keira spent a lot of time dancing in the kitchen.

Wednesday we went to the library. We attended the storytime and were able to get the digital copy of the Read poster, which I posted already.

Keira also had the opportunity to try on her Easter dress. I am sure it is no surprise to anyone that she didn't want to take it off and wore it the rest of the evening.

Thursday was a beautiful day. We started the day doing errands, and since the weather was great, I was able to take Soren out of his little cocoon carseat and actually put him in the cart at Costco. It was wonderful to have the basket space free for groceries, but I still had to be mindful that everything would have to fit in the car. Keira and Soren both enjoyed sitting next to each other in the cart.

Also, with Soren being 6 months now, he was able to ride forward in our jogging stroller.

We also had a little misunderstanding with Keira. She was under the impression that we would be attending a birthday party today (due to festive plates that I bought earlier), and was quite upset when we weren't. To console her, we decided to make cupcakes. Keira sat in front of the oven on her chair watching them bake.

It was also warm enough to break out some shorts for Soren. It was pretty funny because they fit Keira too.

On Friday, we went to a Kindermusik. We usually don't make it to this one because we usually go to the library instead, but since we already went this week, our morning was free to head over to Liviona. Keira did a great job of following along and doing all the hand motions. She was so cute, it was hard to just pick one photo.

Here are a couple cute pics of Soren. I was trying to get some video of him rolling, but no such luck. We love how he holds his hands together.

That evening, we headed out to Ann Arbor as a family for a haircut and dinner as a family at the Original Cottage Inn. It was really nice to have a great meal out as a family. It went really well.

Saturday was very busy for Ryan and I. Ryan rode about 50 miles with the Wolverine Sports Club out to Ann Arbor and back. While he was gone, I took everyone to the REI Garage Sale where I scored a running/sport skirt for under $6. Sweet! Once Ryan returned, I got to run my 5 miles. We ended up grabbing pizza for dinner (not Cottage Inn, but we considered it since Keira was the only one to order pizza on Friday) so that Ryan could attend the Priesthood Session of General Conference. Saturday's photos aren't anything special.

Today we spent the day with Kris for a late brunch and General Conference. Linda is in Italy, so we especially wanted to keep him company.

We are looking forward to Easter next weekend. I am trying to put together a playgroup Easter Egg hunt, so hopefully I will be able to pull it off with such short timing. Otherwise we will just have one at home on Easter Sunday before church. We will also be trying to get everyone completely healthy.

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