Sunday, November 22, 2009

Veteran's Day Observed

This past week wasn't terribly exciting, but still busy. Ryan did have Monday off in observance of Veteran's day.

Monday was a very non-typical day off for Ryan and more of a day off for me. It is usually more fun for Ryan. We had a lazy morning. Sometimes when we can't "find" Soren (meaning he isn't in Keira's room or the upstairs bathroom and we haven't heard him in a while), he is here:

He likes to look out the window in our room. The view really isn't much right now since all the plants are pretty much done, but the glass comes all the way to the floor so it is perfect for little people to look out. At one point, Keira, Soren, and Ryan were all in the curtain looking out. This picture doesn't fully capture what I wanted to show, because usually it is brighter outside and you see his outline as a shadow on the curtain, but it was too dark and didn't show up without the flash, and with the flash, it just looked like a bump.

Ryan went for a bike ride while I took Keira and Soren to the library for Storytime.

Once we got back from storytime, I was able to go get my hair cut and colored for the first time since last Christmas. That took up most of the afternoon, and then I went to coach GOTR. It was a bummer that I didn't get a day off of that today because we had family pictures in the evening (I posted those pictures already). That was pretty much our whole day.

Tuesday things were back to normal and Keira went to school. However, the church building was closed for re-carpeting. We were able to go to Maybury as a family. Keira and Soren LOVE the leaves.

Wednesday was a pretty full day. We started off at the gym, then hit the library.

After a quick stop at home for lunch, we went to meet Valerie, Katie, and Luke at Laurel Park to see the new play area there. It is pretty small, but empty, so it was plenty big for the 4 children to play.

On Thursday, I was starting to drag a bit. Here are Keira's school projects for the week:

Keira's school picture proofs came back, and they turned out really nice.

I did some work for Primary (but not nearly enough it seems) while Keira was at school, and then had everyone nap in the afternoon. It had rained today, so going to Maybury wasn't really an option in the evening. Instead, we decided to hit up Parmenters for one last time before they close this Sunday.
Soren is rocking Keira's sunglasses. He loves wearing sunglasses.

On Friday, we slept in a little bit, and went to the gym. Since we didn't have anything going on really today, I was able to get in a longer workout than usual. Soren was being cute and snuggling with Keira and saying, "ahh".
That evening, we went to REI and costco. We watched the Star Trek movie that evening, and then I really started to feel yucky. I was up very late coughing, and found myself at CVS at 1:30am purchasing cold medicine to finally go to sleep.

On Saturday, I woke up barely in time to make it to a Primary Stake meeting. While I was there, Ryan attended a meeting with his Wolverine friends about taking over the positions of ride leaders for next year. Ryan, Kent, and David will all be ride leaders for next year, and be able to wear special jerseys provided to them by the club. After that, the OSU/UM game was on. Ryan watched it, while I slept through most of it. Keira and Soren love playing with my witch hat, which we FINALLY put away from Halloween.

The OSU victory made me feel a little better. Afterwards, Ryan went on a ride at Maybury, and I just tagged along to watch Keira and Soren at the playground. That is actually a lot easier than trying to watch them here because they love to be outside and it is a shorter time alone with them. Soren got to do the slide with minimal spotting. He was pretty slow to go down on his own, so here is the full play by play, starting with him trying to climb up it first.

Sunday was the huge day of service for me. I still wasn't feeling the greatest, but good enough to just push through all my obligations. Today was the day of my Girls on the Run 5K. All of my girls completed the race, and the weather wasn't terrible for it.

I couldn't stay too long after the race, though, because I had to dash home to get ready for church. I did have time to crank out some pumpkin bread. It was from a mix, but it was fabulous! I think the fact I substitued Parmenter's Apple Cider for the water was a KEY improvement. It had mentioned using juice instead, but the cider really kicked it up a notch! Keira had a rough day today. She fell asleep in the car on the way to church, and then slept on Ryan during Sacrament meeting. We should have known from that act that she didn't feel well, but we put her into nursery anyway. About halfway through nursery, Soren wandered into Keira's nursery, and she was just laying down on the floor. At that point, Ryan took Keira and Soren home since I had driven separately because I had to stay late for a quarterly meeting with the Bishop. I had a brief dinner at home that Ryan graciously prepared, and then had to dash off again to a Priesthood Preview meeting. What a crazy day! Hopefully I can use better planning next time around and try to not have so many things all in one day.

I have cancelled all plans for tomorrow because of Keira's illness (she had a low fever we noticed once we got home). Hopefully we can rest up these next couple of days so that we can have a healthy Thanksgiving in Ohio.

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