Sunday, November 8, 2009

Library Storytimes

This week we spent a lot of time doing library storytimes. We also got accustomed to the time change and I spent some time using my new gym membership.

On Monday, the children woke up pretty early, which was good for me. I was able to get Keira and Soren ready easily in time for me to go to the gym and get in a good half mile swim, get cleaned up, and get them to the library by 10:15. After the library, they were pretty ready to go home and eat and sleep.

On Tuesday, there was no school due to election day. We took the Mazda in for some last minute warranty work that got approved before it expired. It was quite the ordeal, considering they decided at the last minute to decline my rental car so I had to do a lot of car seat moving today. I moved Keira and Soren from the shuttle to the porch in their seats, just to keep them from running around in the street.

As a result of no rental, we were pretty much stuck at home today. At least it was a decent day to be stuck since I didn't have to drive to school or coach today. It was also really nice out, and our last chance to play in the leaves before they got cleaned up for good. Ryan took me to get the car at the end of the day to avoid more car seat moving once he got home from work, and I was able to get in a quick run around the neighborhood.

After dinner, I took Keira and Soren to the library for special star light story time.

On Wednesday, Keira and Soren woke up a tad later, but I was still able to get them out the door in time for a swim before hitting the library. Keira is really enjoying the gym childcare, and Soren did great today too. We learned today that Miss Diane, Keira's favorite, will be moving and has only 1 week to go. We knew this was coming, but not so soon. We are happy that our friend Kathryn from church is her replacement.
We spent the rest of the morning just playing around the house.

My girls on the run girls did their mock 5K today, and they all finished it, so I was pleased.

On Thursday, Keira and Soren were back to their regular schedule, and woke up late for school. We were running around hurrying to get to school, and then had to go to a presidency meeting. We had a productive meeting, and then went to get Keira from school. Today's theme was Where the Wild Things Are, and she made a crown like Max's.

The squirrels are so brave, and Soren loves them!

When Ryan got home, we went to Maybury for a quick ride and run. I really bundled the kids, probably a little much, but they seemed to do OK. With the time change, it gets cold quick once the sun goes down, which is much earlier now. Neither likes the weather shield. Ryan needs his headlamp to complete a ride.

On Friday, I was able to take Keira and Soren to a free Kindermusik. We had been missing these for a while due to Keira's school schedule. Once that was done, I met with a personal trainer for my orientation session. I got in a great workout.

Here is Keira's "wild thing" from her class yesterday.

That afternoon, we went to the Dr's office for flu shots and a growth check for Keira. We had a horrible wait in the office, but were able to finally get everything taken care of after the 2 hours of being there. Keira grew about 1 inch since her birthday, which is great. She is still not on the chart for height, but tracking along her own curve nicely. We got back from the Dr's office, and all three of us took a nice long nap while Ryan rode at Maybury.

As if we didn't have enough of the library yet this week, we went in for Kiddie Crafts. Keira and Soren worked on turkeys. Soren colored his, and Keira made hers with the stickers and not with her hand. They had fun, which is what matters.

It was such a beautiful day, Keira and Soren enjoyed playing outside for a bit after we got back.

Ryan rode, and I went on an 8 mile run with Valerie and Barb in the neighborhood. It was such a beautiful day! I wore my running skirt and should have had short sleeves instead of long ones. That evening, we tested our patience again with Keira and Soren by going to dinner at Champps. Our wait time was double what they told us, but at that point, leaving would have just taken more time to eat. We enjoyed our food. It is annoying to pay a ton of money for Kraft mac and cheese for the kids, but at least they eat it when out.

On Sunday, we went to church. Things are crazy on Sundays as the Primary President. There is always something it seems. Soren is so busy, it is a challenge to keep him entertained. Needless to say, after the last couple of days, it was quite the chore. I think Champps was actually the easiest place to watch him since it was the loudest.

We came over to Kris and Linda's tonight to stay. I am to report for Jury Duty in Pontiac tomorrow, and Linda is helping out with the kids. I need to be there so early that it will hopefully be easier to just have everyone here in the morning than to have to drive them down and back in the morning.

As for next week, we aren't really sure what it will hold with my Jury Duty. I am hoping to be dismissed early, pulling my "nursing mother" card. Keira has a field trip scheduled for Tuesday, so I really do not want her to miss it because I can't get her to school. Hopefully we can still have some fun this week.

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