Sunday, October 25, 2009

Restful Week, finally

This week was a really restful week for us. Partially because we didn't have much planned purposely, and partially because of a short lived stomach bug that kept us home for a couple of days. After all the company and my race, it was much needed.

On Monday, we kept things really low key. Keira started the day letting me braid her hair, which was fun for me.

We did go outside to push strollers. Soren is taking after his cousin, Chase, and loves pushing a stroller around too. I am glad we have two of them.

I skipped GOTR today because of Keira being sick yesterday. I did take her to my dentist appointment with me in the evening, and she was excited to go. She wasn't sure about Dr Gradolph, but was very excited about the fuss that everyone made over her. She just sat and colored while I had my cleaning and exam. She received lots of goodies, including a new Cinderella toothbrush, floss, ghost toy, pencil, and ring.

Little Soren threw up while I was gone. It was a good thing we didn't do much today. He was in good spirits, though. He enjoyed trying on Ryan's hat.

On Tuesday, I woke up feeling less than stellar, and both kids woke up with crazy hair.

Soren wasn't quite 100%, and neither was I, so we slept the whole time Keira was at school. That was a lifesaver for me, because I felt a lot better in the afternoon, and everyone else seemed to be fine too. This was a pretty quick little bug that we had. Keira made spider artwork at school today.

When Ryan got home, we headed to Maybury and I did a little walk/jog, since I was still pretty stiff and sore from my race. We caught Ryan on our walk, and got another really poor photograph of him.

Both Keira and Soren enjoyed the swings tonight.

I also made a really bad attempt at cutting Soren's hair. The back and sides look decent, however, I should have left the front alone. The good news is that it should look fine in a few weeks I am sure.
Keira tucked her dolls in to bed with her tonight.

On Wednesday, it was wet in the morning, so we did a bit of shopping at the mall. I had an exchange to do and we were nearly out of hand soap. I avoided the play area since we had just gotten over being sick, but then caved in the food court and let Keira and Soren play there. I think this is probably the first time Soren has played in the food court since we haven't been to the mall in a while.

When we got back, it was nice outside, so we did a bit of strolling around the neighborhood before GOTR.
Soren seemed to enjoy watching his shadow.

After GOTR, we rushed over to Ann Arbor so Ryan could get a real haircut, and had dinner at Chipotle. We haven't eaten there in such a long time!

On Thursday, I had my first presidency meeting while Keira was at school. It worked out really well to use that time and we were very effective with the only children being Soren and Haley's baby Garrett present. Keira made this adorable bat hat at school. We stopped at Costco on our way home to get her, and she wore it the whole time we were there. I am glad I took this picture of her there, because of course, as soon as we got in the house, she wouldn't put it back on.

She also made this bat out of her hand prints. Her hands seem so much smaller than all the other kids.

Soren also really enjoyed our neighbor's very large pumpkins. I really like this picture of Soren, and entered it into the babyGap casting call contest, bad haircut and all.

On Friday, we got back into our busy routine. The weather was horrible too, it poured all day practically. We started the morning with a special Halloween Kindermusik that was thankfully very close to our house and had a later start time than usual. This allowed me enough time to get both Keira and Soren all set with their costumes and get Keira's Cinderella hair done. They had a great time at the storytime, especially since we haven't been able to make the Kindermusik's lately due to Keira's school schedule.

After stopping into Trader Joe and then home, we ran up to the mall to meet up with Valerie, Katie, and Luke, who didn't make it to the music class. This time, we did go to the play area. Soren wasn't content to play in the play area, only to push the stroller around it, so we didn't stay long.

After Ryan got home we did a few errands as a family. We picked up the movie, Transformers II, and watched it after the kids were in bed. It was a fun movie.

Saturday was a busy day for me. With the weather being still blah, I chose to run with Valerie and Barb first thing in the morning since Ryan wouldn't be riding. We lucked out and I only had a drizzle during my run to meet up with them, and our run together was fairly dry. I didn't have a ton of time this morning, but I was able to get in 6.5 miles. After the run, I got cleaned up for the day (another plus for running first thing), and took Keira to a baptism at the church. I was to give the welcome as Primary President. Keira had a killer meltdown over her outfit choices before we left, so we were a few minutes late. She was cute once we got there. She kept asked if it was her turn yet. She was also one of the first in line for the cake, and managed to get it way ahead of me with the assistance of her partner in crime (the first to the cake), Lizzie. She dashed off ahead of me and I joked with a friend, I bet she has cake already, and sure enough, she did.
Ryan had the worst day in football, because UM and BYU both lost, and OSU won. I also spent a bit of time attempting to organize Keira and Soren's room, since part of her eralier meltdown was caused by a misplaced article of clothing that had gotten mixed in with summer clothes accidentally. Keira and Soren had a blast playing with her camper that until today, she hated the sounds it made, and it was always off. Both of them enjoyed dancing and "freezing" to the music on it.

Sunday was a pretty typical Sunday. Ryan let me sleep in a little bit, and we enjoyed Parmenters donuts and cider that he picked up last night, plus chicken sausage for breakfast.

Here we are styling before/after church.

Before bed, Keira worked on her "head flip". It is a somersault.

Up for next week, we have lots of Halloween festivities planned. We have our church Trunk or Treat and Chili Cookoff on Tuesday. Keira has her "Black and Orange Party" on Thursday, and then we have Trick or Treating in Northville on Saturday night. I am glad we had a light week this week!

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