Sunday, October 11, 2009

Primary President and Cider Mills

This week was totally huge! I am going to blurt out right away that I was sustained today as the new Primary President! I am nervous and excited at the same time. I had found out prior to Conference, so it is good to be able to talk about it now. We also had a lot of other fun activities including the continuation of Greg's visit and Keira's first preschool field trip.

Monday was an incredibly busy day, probably too busy for Soren. We started the day at the library doing Soren's storytime. He is getting so good at all the songs. He will make "twinkle stars" and attempt the "itsy bitsy spider", and he even tilted to the side today to be a little teapot. I wish I could have caught that picture, it was the cutest. Here are a couple others instead.

After the library, we went to Parmenters to meet up with Lisa, Dominic, and Luke. We love Parmenters, and it was great that Soren could walk and didn't get as dirty as last time. Keira and Dominic had a blast playing in the train, with the ducks, and in the face cut outs.

That evening, Ryan and I attended the reception for Greg's induction into the Automotive Hall of fame. We are very proud of his accomplishment. It was a very nice event, but we don't have any pictures to post.

On Tuesday, Keira attended school and Soren and I did errands. It was a wet and yucky day, so we spent most of the rest of the day at home. This dinosaur toy has been a great investment. It is the one thing that Keira has played with continually, and Soren enjoys it and has been putting the balls in himself for a while now.

Here is Keira's artwork from today. It was done with apples in prep for her field trip.
We failed to post her artwork from last week. Here is her fire safety painting. She wouldn't wear her dalmation hat she made for a picture.

On Wednesday, we went back to the library for Keira's storytime.

We went to Maybury in the evening, but didn't have time to play after our run/ride.

Thursday was another huge day. Keira had her first field trip, to Erwin's Apple Orchard in South Lyon. We started by taking a wagon out to pick apples. Keira wasn't too interested in picking the apples, so I filled her bag for her. Next, we were able to pick our pumpkins. She just wanted to play back at the mill. She kept asking when the tractor was coming back to get us. Once we got back on the wagon, we had our cider and donuts, yum! Then, Keira was finally able to play. She and Charlotte, her classmate, had a great time, as well as Soren.

That evening, we took my car in for a last effort to make use of our 60 month warranty, and then headed off to Maybury for a cold wet run/ride. Everyone had to be pretty bundled.

Everyone got a little silly once we got back since we couldn't play at Maybury.

We were ready for a down day by Friday. We spent the whole day at home until Ryan got home from work, and then did some shopping as a family. The didn't get my car fixed, so we will have to deal with that some more next week. Soren enjoyed figuring out the stroller, which we removed from the car today but didn't use because it rained all day long.
In an effort to warm up the house and our spirits, I made an apple betty from some of the apples from yesterday. Soren was very curious about it.

The finished product. It was excellent, so much that I needed to make another one on Sunday....

On Saturday, Ryan was back to riding with the wolverines after a 3 week break. I took Keira and Soren to the library for Kiddie Crafts, where they made pumpkins. Well, Keira made Soren's for him.

That afternoon, I ran with Valerie and Barb around the neighborhood for a last long run before the race. I feel ready. The run went by so fast since I was able to enjoy it with friends. I was happy the OSU won, as did BYU. Ryan was not happy to have UM lose, especially since Tate Forcier was not playing the last drive.

Sunday was the big day for me. We made sure to be at church on time for me to be sustained. I have a lot of work cut out for me, but it will be fun.

Soren is all ready to hang out with his Uncle Tyler in his fancy church duds.

Also, once we were home, we had an interesting conversation with Keira. We were getting the kids ready for bed, and Keira was protesting the thought of Soren sleeping in her room in his crib.

K- I don't want Soren to sleep in there. I don't think he wants to sleep in here.
R- Why?
K- Because he will cry.
This is so true. He has already cried this evening since I started posting this. Lately, Keira and Soren's naps have been overlapping somewhat, so he hasn't even been napping in there anymore. We need to work on this.

It was also a big day for my dad. He turned 60 today. Happy Birthday Dad! We had thought about going down to visit, but when we learned of everything they had going on, we would not have had hardly any time for visiting. I also felt strongly that I should be at church here today, which would have been a challenge.

Up for next week, I have a lot of presidency work to do to get things rolling for Sundays. I have my Half Marathon, as well as a visit from Tyler, Minde, Chase, and Riley. We are looking forward to meeting our newest niece.

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sounds like things are going to get even busier. You will do great!