Sunday, September 13, 2009

Keira's First Day of School!

This week was very exciting for us. It started off with Keira's first day of school! We also had some great weather toward the end of the week, and were able to spend lot of time outside.

Tuesday morning, was Keira's first day of preschool! She started with half of her class today, and the other half of her class will start on Thursday, and then her whole class will meet the following week for the remainder of the school year. It was a dreary day, but the rain held off for some pictures outside.
This is outside of her school.
I dropped Keira off without any incident, and took Soren home for a nap. When I picked Keira up, she was happy about her day. She had painted a beautiful picture and met lots of friends.
This is after her school outside. The drop off was so quick, I wanted to get a few more shots.

We grabbed lunch a McDonald's for a first day of school treat. Hopefully she won't think this is routine, as I don't think my stomach or budget could take it two times a week.

That evening, Ryan didn't have scouts and since his buddies didn't plan to ride, I was able to attend a Triathletes in Action workout at Island Lake with Cristina. This was my first workout since officially joining. Due to being caught in rain on the way over and a second storm pending, we opted to run 7 miles of trail. I was gone a long time to just run 7 miles, but it was really great to run with a group and really be pushed.

On Wednesday, we didn't do much during the day because I was pretty sore and tired from my trail run. I did get Soren on video making his kissy face.

When Ryan got home, we headed to Maybury so he could ride, and I just went on a walk. Keira requested that I take swinging pictures, so there are a lot of swinging pictures this week.

On Thursday, since Keira didn't have school, we were able to attend a Kindermusik class that Keira typically won't be able to attend anymore. Soren loved it. He is really enjoying these classes, and I will likely take him by himself when Keira is at school.

Soren wasn't shy at all during the class! Lately, he has been pretty shy, so I was surprised he got right up front.
More Soren news, he will take one or two steps at a time before falling or squatting to crawl. He also stood up in space without the aid of anything today.
We also returned to Maybury in the evening where I ran and Ryan rode. We did more swinging. My pictures didn't turn out so great since it was starting to get dark. They were either washed out or blurry.

Friday was September 11, so I spent some time remembering the attacks of 2001. We hung out at home a bit and did more swinging.

We also were able to go over to the DePotter's home for a little bit to play outside with Katie, Luke, and Katie's cousin Ava.
Keira and Soren LOVED this little garden. It had a door with a knob, so Soren was in heaven.
Keira mastered the rock climb all by herself.
Soren and Luke. We wanted a shot of them both peeking through the arch, but couldn't get them both smiling and looking.
Soren, Ava, and Katie are hanging out on the sandbox cover. Katie liked listening to Soren "talk" to her.

Saturday was a big day. Ryan rode with the wolverines in the morning, about 55 miles. While he rode, I took Keira and Soren to the library for Kiddie Crafts. They made puzzles from pictures they colored. I must say that puzzles made from Keira's artwork are not the easiest to do, due to their abstract nature. She really loves puzzles, though, and didn't seem to deterred by how challenging hers turned out.

Soren just liked holding the crayons. He didn't color with them at all, and didn't want to give them back either.

Once Ryan got home, I went on an 8 mile run around the neighborhood, doing 4 laps around the pond/lake in Village Oaks sub. It wasn't very exciting, but it was cheaper and faster than driving to Kensington. We spent the rest of the day watching football. Ryan was very pleased that both BYU and UM won their games, and I was disappointed that OSU was defeated in the last minutes by USC.

Sunday was a pretty typical day, we made it to church on time. Soren and Keira were both unusually difficult today, likely due to being tired. Soren is only wanting to eat normal food, so I feel like it is hard to get him to eat enough finger foods. He did eat pizza last night and beans and rice tonight. Here are just some pictures of us clowning around at home.

Soren almost walking. He is so close!

Up for next week, Keira will go to school both days, and I have a presidency meeting. Storytimes at the library resume, and Soren is just about old enough for one for his age group, so we will try to attend that this week, since we will miss Keira's this week. I am sure we will also get some more training in.

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