Sunday, September 27, 2009

It is Officially Fall

This week was a much more low key week for us. We spent a lot of time outside enjoying the fall weather.

Monday was really low key. We apparently wore ourselves out so much last week that everyone slept in pretty late, missing Soren's library storytime. We took a long time getting ready, which is party of why Soren has his pjs on in his walking video on the last post. I started my work with Girls on the Run. It is pretty fun. I don't get a ton of running it at their workouts, so I still need to run when I get home. There are games around all the running they do, so I need to pass out cards, words, or something as each girl does a lap, depending on the workout.

On Tuesday, we were back up early to get Keira to school. I did a few errands, including digging out our Halloween costume for Soren. Ryan and I got a kick of how chubby he looks in it! It is really padded, and I had to put a picture of him in normal clothes below for comparison.

Here is Keira's craft from today.

We also did something today that I had thought about doing for a really long time, and with it being the last official week of summer, this was one of our last shots at it. Keira rode her bike to Stuarts from our house while Ryan was at scouts. It was their last week, so we had to do it today. Keira did great on the way there. She was very excited. She arrived and ate her ice cream. Soren, on the other hand, didn't like the ice cream at all, but he did enjoy the ride. I was glad that I took the double jogger (one of the main reasons we hadn't made it this far yet, we usually don't take it for Keira's bike rides), because Keira got too tired of biking with about a half mile or so to go. I think she biked well over a mile this evening. Stuarts is just short of a mile from our house.

On Wednesday, we did the library storytime for Keira's age group. She had one of her preschool classmates here today, so that was fun for them. Soren had a great time as well.

Linda took Keira and Soren up to our swings while I was at GOTR. Ryan and I met them up there once we got home. Soren LOVED the slide.

We also went to Maybury in the evening. The colors are really starting to look beautiful. I love the contrast of the red with the green.

On Thursday, while Keira was at school, I took Soren in to have his birthday pictures taken (I will post a slide show of them on his actual birthday). I amazingly was able to make it back on time to pick up Keira. Here is Keira's craft for today. Her hand seemed so much smaller than everyone else's.

Keira got pretty brave today and climbed up an extra step.

That evening, Ryan went on a quick ride and I was able to enjoy a girls night out at the Olive Garden to celebrate the birth of Haley's son Garrett. It was fun to get together with just the girls for a fun dinner. Garrett is adorable.

Friday was another bid outdoor day for us. In the morning, Valerie was so great to watch Keira and Soren so I could go mountain biking with Cristina. We met at her home, and rode to Brighton State Park and did the Murray Trail (not the Torn Shirt). It was the perfect day for a ride, it wasn't too hot or too cold, and it was beautiful with the leaves changing. We completed about 12 miles of riding, including the ride to and from her house. Keira and Soren had some fun outside our house once I brought them home.

That evening, we all went to Maybury so Ryan could ride. I walked and took a few more pictures, and then Keira and Soren enjoyed the swings.

Our Saturday was not our typical Saturday. I woke up and went on an 8 mile run around the neighborhood before Ryan left to go to the UM/Indiana football game. Ryan managed to stay dry for the whole game, which was good. We did a few errands during the day, but otherwise played around the house since it was pretty damp and dreary out.

Happily, UM, OSU, and BYU all won their games. That evening, I attended the General Relief Society Broadcast, which is something that I have not been able to attend very often due to the kids bedtime schedules, but we got them to bed early enough this time. It was great to have 2 nights outs in the same week!

Sunday was another busy Sunday. We had our Primary Program today, which went really really well. Keira and Soren did not need to be removed from the meeting due to unruliness, which is always nice. I think they enjoyed having their "peers" do the program, and Soren certainly enjoyed all the music. We also said farewell to the Carter Family, who has been in our ward longer than us. We wish them good luck on their new endeavors. Ryan also went home teaching this evening, and Keira and I worked on a craft for school. She already has "homework".

Soren was his usual cute self.

Up for next week, we will be really busy because Soren turns 1! We can't believe it has been a year already. It has gone by so fast, but we feel like we have known him forever.


Amie said...

That chubby little giraffe costume is TO DIE FOR!!! :)

Melissa C said...

Thanks so much Amie! That was Keira's costume when she was 1. She didn't look nearly as chubby in it. We unfortunately only have a few pics of her in it on Kris and Linda's computer, I will have to post some of those as comparison.