Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yum Yum

This week started off slow, but as the week progressed, we ended up with more and more things to do and things that we accomplished. It was a restful week overall, and we actually had some decent weather! It got up into the 40s this weekend, which was so nice!

On Monday, I was initially supposed to have a presidency meeting at our home, which was fortunately postponed until Tuesday. I saw fortunately because Mondays are always a bit rough, and right after a big vacation makes them even rougher. We still had a lot of unpacking to finish up and were in need of some essentials from the grocery store. We had a very low key morning and made a few errands, and that was about it. Soren was super cheerful in the afternoon while Keira slept. It has been rare lately that I can get them to both sleep at the same time unless I hold Soren in the afternoon. Here are a couple shots of Keira and Soren both not sleeping in their respective beds.

Soren was just super happy this afternoon. I took some video of him laughing, but it takes forever to upload to youtube. Maybe I will add it later.

On Tuesday, we had our presidency meeting and didn't go anywhere until the evening. This was not such a good idea because there were lots of tantrums from being cooped up all day in the house. Even though Keira had Elise and Lizzie to play with, it didn't quite burn off enough energy in the house. We all went to church that evening because I had a visiting teaching interview, and Keira got to play with Elise and Lizzie again, as well as their older siblings.

On Wednesday, we completely made up for our lack of leaving the house and spent a ton of time out and about. It started with Soren's 4 month check up. He isn't quite the giant anymore compared to other babies, but he is still pretty large for his age. He is 16lbs 6oz and 25.25inches long. He is now in the 75th percentile for weight and about the 60th for length. He seems longer, though, because he has such a long torso it has caused him to outgrow clothes very quickly. We got the green light to give Soren cereal, since he is so big and not sleeping well at night. We also got the green light to work with him as much as we can stand to get him to sleep better.
Keira is keeping Soren company on the exam table. The appointments always take so long, especially when shots are involved.
After we left the Dr's office, we drove over to Chipolte to meet up with Robin C. Robin was in the Relief Society Presidency with me when I served as secretary back right around when Keira was born, and is now the pianist in Primary. She is currently struggling with a herniated disc, and unable to play and do many things she enjoys. It was really nice for both of us to get together and have a great lunch at one of our favorite places and just relax together. On our way home from lunch, we hit the mall play area just to let Keira run around a bit. She had been so good at both the Dr's office and at lunch that I felt like she needed to just run around a be a little girl before heading home for a nap.

On Thursday, I had to do a ton of errands. We needed to go to Costco and Meijer (again!) to get milk for Keira and cereal for Soren. We also had to get ingredients for a special treat for a surprise party on Friday. The good thing about it being so cold outside is that I can go to both without risking having my groceries melt. We also gave Soren his first taste of cereal. He was super eager to sit in the high chair. He seemed very excited and positive for the most part. He made some great faces, like his cousin Lleyton, who also had his first cereal this week too!
At first, the cereal just rolled right out!
Here is a good shot of the "confused" face that Soren kept making during his first feeding.

On Friday, we had a lazy morning. Here are Keira and Soren relaxing prior to bathtime in the hallway.
Later in the morning, Keira had her storytime at the library. They got some new shakers for doing music time at the end. It was super crowded, and Keira almost didn't get one until the girl in the background shared with her. She is there at almost every class we attend with her twin brother and nanny.

Soren hung out in the kitchen with me a lot.
I spent the rest of the day working on the Oreo bon bons for the surprise 40th birthday party at church for Ryan's friend David. I usually have to make them over a couple days because I don't like to do them while the kids are awake, but I was able to get them done, only burning one small batch of chocolate in the microwave, and that was just for drizzling over the completed candies. They are a lot easier to dip on sticks as pops, and I just thought they needed a little something extra since they were so lumpy, but they turned out great. David is one of Ryan's road biking friends. We missed the "surprise", but still had a great time.
Keira's hair was very static prone, especially near balloons.
Kent is helping Keira get her hair to stand on end with the balloon.

Saturday we had GREAT weather. It was 49 degrees in the afternoon according to the computer and car. Ryan spent the morning riding with Kent and David. They rode about 30 miles. While they were gone, Melissa S (M2, I'm M1) came over with her son Braden to just hang out and see Soren. We hadn't been able to get together since Keira's last birthday party. It had been way to long! We are going to try to schedule a monthly playdate from here on out, and hopefully that will be attainable. We completely couldn't get a decent picture of her with the kids, but here is the one where she is at least looking!

Once Ryan returned, Kris and Linda stopped by with Valentine's for Keira and Soren. We had a napping/biking conflict, so we weren't able to grab lunch out with them earlier. We continued to have a napping conflict (Soren was asleep and then Keira needed to nap and then Soren woke up) so I was able to enjoy a nice run since someone had to be home due to the naps. I ran 5 miles in a long sleeve shirt and tights, and I totally should have had shorts one. It was windy, but it was AWESOME to run outside in the sun and not be freezing.
Ryan is imitating Keira, watching TV with his new ski helmet that he scored on sale this week.

Sunday was pretty normal, except that we waited too long after church to put Keira down for a nap and she didn't wake up until her bedtime. Our experiment with not having her nap last week wasn't really the greatest, but this wasn't so great either. She didn't go to bed until about 10pm tonight, so hopefully tomorrow won't be terrible. This is another reason that Mondays are a bit rough around here. I did wear my hair curly today, which was a fun change, especially since it is warm enough to let my hair air dry. It is just not very touchable, which is why I don't do it more since it is super easy. Soren is also continuing to do well with his cereal, and it has helped a bit with the nights, although it is so much easier to just feed him than to get him back to sleep without. He is going a bit longer, though, which is nice.

Up for next week, I am still doing my Goody Giveaway on my other blog. Check it out or just remind me that you want a sample. I have a ton right now at my house and will try to remember to keep some on me. We also have a Kindermusik and a playdate with Valerie. Hopefully the weather will stay warm and I can try out the double jogger going fast (relatively speaking).

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