Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rough Week

This week was an interesting week. It had its ups and downs. I feel that we are blessed, though, because although there were some trials this week, I am sure some people would look at our week and wished theirs was as good as ours. We have great family and friends that helped us out through the ups and downs.

Tuesday started out great. We had Kindermusik with Lisa and Dominic, and a new friend, Nakia and Gabby (we met them at last week's Kindermusik).

Afterwards, Lisa and I took the kids to the neighboring post office, which had a huge ramp (ramps are one of Keira's favorite things to play on). Keira and Dominic had blast playing on the ramp together, even though inside they fought over Soren, both exclaiming, "my brother". Dominic will have a new little brother in May.

We decided to all head over to the mall to let Keira and Dominic play together. They had a great time at the play area and in the food court area.

Wednesday was a pretty low key day. We didn't have a storytime at the library, so we just did a few errands. Nothing exciting.

Thursday was where things began to get interesting. I decided to take the dry cleaning in, which is not the easiest with both children, and then meet up with some friends at the mall (because there is not a lot else to do in the winter here that is free). I got the clothes in the car, and then Soren in the car, and then, I went to put Keira in the car and WHAM! The next thing I know is Keira and I are both laying flat on the ground next to the car. I was carrying her, and she was on my stomach and I was flat on my back. Wow! I had slipped on some ice. My left arm hurt a bit, and I was checking out Keira. She seemed fine- just scared and mad that her tights were wet (a knee went down of hers). We got to the dry cleaners OK, and I was a little sore lifting Keira and Soren and the clothes into the store, and as I went to leave, I could barely open the door! My left arm didn't want to push. Since we were close to the mall and planning on meeting people, I figured we could still head up there, I couldn't be hurt to bad. Well, I got everyone into the mall and to the play area and was just sitting and resting, and felt ok, and then I needed to nurse Soren. This was excruciating to position him properly, but once positioned, I was OK, but then I decided something was very very wrong. I called Ryan who advised me to call our family Dr, which is about 4 miles south of where we were. I couldn't see an orthopaedic until I saw my PCP, they told me, however, they were able to see me immediately. My arm didn't appear to be broken, but she still ordered X-rays, which of course were at the building down the street from the mall where I was already at today. The good news, is that my arm was not broken, and I have super friends who offered to give me a hand if I needed it. The whole Dr's office process took so long, though, that by the time we got done it was naptime for Keira and Ryan got home not long after she woke up, so I was OK on my own. It is amazing what mothers can do because they have to do it. Once Ryan got home I put an ice pack on my arm and fell asleep on the couch with Soren and felt a ton better once I got up. I continued to improve. The bad thing was that we had gotten the word that we would have a showing this weekend on our home, so not only was the whole day spent not cleaning, I was not even capable of cleaning. This whole week has been a hard lesson for me on procastination (it gets better/worse as the week progresses).

Friday was pretty low key. I felt a ton better, but I was still missing range of motion from my arm. I could lift Keira and Soren with only a small amount of pain. I did make it out of the house for a little bit as an effort to prevent Keira from making any more messes and to let her burn off some energy to take a better nap for me to be able to clean a bit. We had plans to meet up with Nakia and Gabby from earlier, and decided to keep those plans them for a little bit. Keira had a good time playing and we also ran into Sharonlea and her youngest two while there. I got things picked up a bit Friday afternoon during naptime, but the house was still dirty/dusty and all surfaces needed a good washing.

Keira was helping Soren read. She propped up the "I am a Child of God" book for him to see. So cute!

Keira was trying to comfort Soren. He had been crying a lot today, and she wanted to try holding him to help. It didn't, but she was really sweet with him. She is a great big sister.
Ryan came home, we had a great dinner at On the Border, one of our favorites. When we returned home, I decided to look for some photos in my Kodak Gallery. I was horrified to learn that my photos were gone. They had been deleted on purpose because I had not made a purchase in the past year. Apparently I had been notified a while back via email (which I don't recall getting). Had I logged in as recently as a week earlier, they would have been able to put them back for me. I was pretty upset. I was up super late not cleaning but tearing though our office searching for photo CDs and prints. We are missing about 6 months worth of pictures from when I had gotten lazy about backing up the pictures. I had also gotten lazy about my Kodak account and just assumed it would always be there. I was totally wrong. Had I looked for the photo I mentioned in the last post when I posted last, I probably would have gotten my picture back. It was the most sickening feeling. Ryan really put it into perspective, though, when he mentioned that we have so many pictures of Keira and Soren already, and we have way more pictures of them than we do either of our entire childhood. We are both sad that we don't have our Utah trip from Oct 2007 or a lot of the photos from our NYC trip in 2007. We are thankful that even though our pictures are gone, we have found photos online from Tyler and Minde, my parents, and Ryan's parents that fill many of the gaps and the major holidays. I would still like to give our old hard drive another try or two at being read, but we aren't sure it will do any good. If anyone has any photos from our Utah Joe's Valley/Bryce Canyon trip PLEASE send them to us. I am not sure if we emailed them out at all or if any were taken with any other cameras. It was just us for a while, so I fear a lot may be lost.

My mom drove up on Saturday to help us clean. Even though my arm was doing a lot better, it is still so much easier to have an extra person around to get the place in showing condition. We worked all day Saturday and took a break for the evening to get some dinner. Kris and Linda are on vacation, and they offered up their home to us to stay so that we could get it all done on Saturday and not worry about it. After dinner, we put the kids to bed over there, and my mom and I drove back to finish up. We got it all cleaned up and ready to go and headed back. I love a super clean house but it is so much work! Thanks so much Mom for all your help. We were so busy, I only took 1 picture blog worthy.

Today was a fairly usual Sunday except we were at Kris and Linda's house before church. We don't know how the showing went. Hopefully we will get some good feedback. It didn't look like anyone had come, so hopefully the snowy weather didn't scare them away.

Soren is having a good time playing with toys now. He likes to chew on everything and I think he looks so cute investigating them. Keira usually trys to take his toys away, so we are working on that.

This week will hopefully be better than last. My arm is continuing to feel better every day. I am also planning on trying to organize our digital photos that we have, so I can get a better idea of what is missing and do something with them. We have a huge backup hard drive now, so I need to take advantage of it.

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The Michiganders said...

I hope this week is much better for you. That WAS a rough week. There are some great photos of the kids though! So cute!