Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

This has been a very rainy weekend, and we had a bit of rain during the week as well. Needless to say, we spent more time indoors that initially planned. I guess this is good practice for me once it gets to cold to want to allow Keira to spend a ton of time outdoors. It has also been really really dry, so some rain is a good thing. Ellyn has still not had her baby, and neither have I.
Today was a typical Sunday morning, except we were later than usual to church. It was the first day that the nursery was split into 2 for Keira, and I think it went really well. She is in a group with her friends from my primary presidency, so I was glad they were kept together. After church, we went over to Kris and Linda's for dinner with Dave B, who's wife recently passed away. The rain continued today, and came down in sheets. It flooded Kris and Linda's backyard, and there was also a high wind advisory, but we have not been impacted by it thus far. All of the roads that we use have been fine, however, there is some flooding and high water in nearby areas. My parents in Ohio, on the other hand, are without power, cable and VOIP phone due to high winds knocking down power lines and even the poles they hang from. They are fine, though. They have not had the rain storms that we experienced. Below is a photo of the ducks swimming in the water collecting in Kris and Linda's backyard.
Saturday was an extremely rainy day. We didn't let it put too much of a damper on our plans, though. Since it was a big football day, we had already planned to spend a lot of time in front of the television. We did make it to Parmenter's to get cider and donuts in the pouring rain, but had to take them home. Keira was very very sad that she couldn't play on the fun train and playhouses because it was just too wet. We initially tried to have our cider and donuts under a tent they had set up, but it was just too hard with Keira not wanting to stay under it. The big project of the day was the start of painting our kitchen.

Sorry for the odd picture, but the first shot that I tried to take was only green, and you couldn't even tell that it was a wall, so I backed up a bit to include the floor and the ceiling. As you can tell, we are not completely done. We are also painting the rear wall of our condo, with the doorwall in it, but it was in need of much more repair than we initially anticipated once we removed the window treatment. Those repairs combined with a lot of football prevented the project from being fully completed. Hopefully the next post will include a photo of the kitchen completely done. We were also hoping to do a bit of work on our front yard. I bought a mum on Friday that we had hoped to plant, but it was just too wet.

As for football, it was a pretty disappointing weekend for Ryan and I. OSU lost badly to USC, and UM lost to Notre Dame, despite having more yardage. The one great game for us was the BYU/UCLA game, where BYU beat UCLA 59 to 0, the worst loss for UCLA in over 70 years.

Here is a photo of Ryan playing horsie with Keira. This helped to keep her occupied during the football games. She also has been cheering for herself a lot lately, saying, "Come on, Keira" when she is doing something athletic or we are waiting for her to follow us.

Friday was a pretty low key day. We took Keira out to dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger because Ryan and I had both been wanting grilled cheese sandwiches after watching an episode of the Food Network's Throw Down with Bobby Flay a couple days earlier. Thursday was a bit busier for Keira and I. We met up with Valerie, Katie, and Luke, as well as Linda, for a Kindermusik class.

After Kindermusik, everyone went over to 12oaks mall where we let the kids play on the play area and had some lunch. The cars in the food court area of the mall are able to provide about the same amount of fun as the play area itself. Fortunately for Valerie and I, the girls are content to just climb on them without needing to put money in them, otherwise, we would probably both go broke from the amount of time they like to spend there.
Wednesday was a pretty full day. I had a dr's appt, where everything looked well first thing, followed by visiting Courtnie and Averie, who are fairly new to the area. Averie has been in Keira's nursery class until today when they split the nursery. Keira was very sad to leave her house. Then, in the afternoon, we met up with Linda to hit a great sale at Parisian where you get a 20% off coupon good on ANYTHING including makeup, which I was in dire need of, for every item you donate to Goodwill. They were offering double coupons on this day only for each item. We also went to Maybury in the evening for a ride/walk.

Tuesday was presidency meeting day, so Keira got to play with Lizzie and Elise during the meeting. We also went to Maybury quickly after Ryan got home from work. Keira has been really enjoying playing with her sidewalk chalk, and here are some cute photos of her from Tuesday.

Monday was another rainy day. We didn't do much during the day. When Ryan got home from work, we went up to 12oaks to pick up some fall candles from Illuminations that look are floating apples to look like the bobbing for apples game. We don't have them set out yet, but we probably will wait until the kitchen project is done since the downstairs is a bit in a state of disarray. We also got a few Halloween candles to transform a current candle holder for the season, as well as an applewood scented jar candle that smells so fabulous! We also started practicing our Guitar Hero skills because we were invited to a party next week where we will have the opportunity to show off our mad skills at the game. Keira loves the guitars. She is practicing in true rock star form with her sunglasses on inside the house.Sunday was a typical Sunday for us. After church and naps, we did decide to ride bikes as a family at Maybury. This time, Ryan got to tow Keira and give me a break and just ride, because he wore his new birthday jersey on his road bike. After we got home, Keira had a fun time playing in the front yard with sticks and in our flower beds. It has been pretty futile to keep her out of them. We had to skip Lucy's 2nd birthday party because it was too far away to attend with the pregnancy. Happy Birthday Lucy!
That was pretty much our week. This next week and weekend should be pretty fun. Tyler, Minde, and Chase will be coming to visit, and we will hopefully have some baby news from Ellyn, probably none from me, though. We are having an open house on Saturday, so we should have the house projects all finished with some pictures of the new kitchen and fall decorations.

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