Thursday, September 18, 2008

Congratulations Ellyn! Haircuts, and the usual

I am doing an interim post this week because I know we have a busy weekend coming up, even without the possibility of a new family member's early arrival. I just don't want to get too far behind or make the Sunday post too terribly long. The big news of this week is welcoming our new nephew, Lleyton Scott, to the world. Congratulations Ellyn and Greg! He was born on Tuesday, Sept 16th, and all are doing well.

Thursday was a busy day. We started off the morning running late to a presidency meeting due to Keira sleeping in, which was totally worth being late. Being this far into the pregnancy, everyone just assumed I had the baby, so I was sort of excused for my tardiness. Once Ryan got home, we headed out to Ann Arbor for the evening because Ryan and I had made appointments to get our hair cut-very important for me because who knows when I will be able to do it next. Whenever we drive out to Ann Arbor, we try to do at least 2 things and make a whole evening out of it, due to the high gas prices. Prior to the salon, we went to the climbing gym, Planet Rock, so Ryan could climb and Keira run around. The pictures of Ryan climbing are spotted due to the chalk haze. Keira likes to touch the holds and have us help her "climb". We were hoping to put her in climbing class this Christmas, but they have raised the minimum age from 2.5 to 3, so it looks like we won't be able to do it until next summer.

After the climbing gym, we headed to Salon Vox, where all of us got our hair cut. This was Keira's first "official" haircut. Brittany, who cuts our hair, had trimmed it up for use once over a year ago at her home, but we don't really count that one because Keira was miserable and we didn't accomplish much. Keira was very excited to get a haircut, and sat in the chair herself and even wore a cape. She mostly tried to look around at what Brittany was doing. I am glad I asked Brittany about the cut during mine (rather than just scheduling it), because she was able to give us a deal on the price because she didn't do the whole shampoo/blow dry treatment, and that probably wouldn't have gone so well anyway.

Tuesday night until Wednesday morning, Keira had a sleepover at Kris and Linda's, partially as a trial run for when I am in the hospital with the new baby and also because I had an early Dr's appt that I did not want to have to get Keira up and ready for. Everything went well at the Dr, and I go back next week. I was able to run some errands in the morning and then when Ryan got home, we went to Maybury for a ride/walk. It was finally dry enough for Ryan to hit the mountain bike trail. After Maybury, Keira wanted to "swing" in the yard with Ryan. Both got extremely dizzy!

Tuesday day was spent enjoying Kindermusik first, and then we met up with Lisa and Dominic and Emily and Brooklyn at the mall for playing on the play area and some lunch.

Monday we finished up the kitchen! Everything was dry, and we just had to rehang the vertical blinds and valance, which was no easy task. We had gone into the studs with the blinds originally, however, they were still pulling out prior to the painting project. A lot of drilling was required to make new holes, as well as work from Ryan to screw in some very long screws. We hope the next owners like the vertical blinds, because they are not coming off any time soon! Keira also enjoyed helping clean up with the swiffer.

We also learned that the builder, Winnick Homes, that we had liked for a long time had a new floorplan which was bigger and cheaper than the other floorplan we liked previously. Our dreams of building have been resurrected, and we have meetings set up next week with a company that may be able to help us unload our current condo if we are unable to sell it through traditional means. Once we meet with them, we should know more about about the possibility of building. If things go well, we could end up being neighbors with Lisa and Dominic! We also received the news of Lleyton's birth late Monday, but it was already Tuesday in Germany.

To finish out this week, we will be attending a birthday party, having a visit from Tyler, Minde, and Chase, and also having an open house for our condo. There is also the potential for a new family member for us, but I am mentally prepared to go the full length of time remaining.

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