Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

We had a very packed weekend this week. Today was Mother's Day, so I was able to enjoy pancakes cooked by Ryan, and Keira made me a wonderful card in Nursery today. Keira has really small hands, but I am not sure if you will be able to tell from the picture. When I looked at it on my screen, it seemed bigger than it should have been, even at "actual size", which is 8.5x11. We also were able to spend some time with Tyler and Ryan's parents before he had to return from his short stay in MI. We had an excellent meal together before Tyler had to rush off to the airport.

Also, on Saturday, we attended a Bike Demo at Island Lake State Park in Brighton. It was a very fun event for all of us. Keira always loves being outside, and the highlight for her was probably when we saw a rider do a backflip on his bike using two ramps on either side of a truck bed. It was pretty hardcore of him to do it, especially in a parking lot on hard ramps, and not on dirt. Keira kept saying "Flip, Again", and the guys got a big kick out of it.
Ryan already has a very very nice mountain bike, but enjoyed the opportunity to ride bikes from other manufacturers. I had my first experience with a full suspension mountain bike, and really loved it. The trail designated for the test loop was pretty tame compared to what I would typically enjoy riding at Maybury or Lakeshore, but it felt great to be on a mountain bike again. Below is a picture of a bike similar to what I rode. It is the Specialized Safire Comp. I rode a Safire Expert, which is considerably more expensive, and it is also not pink like the one below. I know why the Bike Demo's are free- they want you to buy more stuff! We are not really in the market for any new bikes right now, especially for me since I won't be able to really ride until next year, but it was still fun to see what is out there.

Tyler arrived from NYC while we were finishing up at the bike demo, and we met up with him for food and introduced him to Guitar Hero later in the evening.

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nikki said...

Ryan and Tyler could be twins :)