Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Wonderland

This was a tough week for the kids, getting used to getting up early again.  We kept things pretty low key during the week, but had a huge Saturday and attended the Winter Wonderland at Keira's school while Ryan drove to Ohio to IKEA.   I also got pictures taken of the outside decorations, and we finished up decorating the inside.

On Monday, Keira did not want to wake up to go to school!  She said she was still tired.  I did get her up and off to school, but was a little worried they might call me if she couldn't stay awake.  She was fine.  Soren slept in a bit, so the morning wasn't as hard on me as it could have been.  We went to the gym while Keira was at school, and did several errands.  Keira had ballet in the evening, so the day went by quickly.

On Tuesday, Keira was still very tired in the morning.  She got up and got to school without any problems.  Soren and I went to the gym for a quick run before storytime.  We got delayed a bit by an accident.  We were delayed here yesterday too!  I was pretty rushed, but got in a decent workout before taking Soren to storytime.

Keira played at Gracie's house.  Soren has been a bit afraid of their dog, so he didn't stay long.  I ended up getting Keira with the car because it was raining, and took this picture of the house on our way back.

On Wednesday, Keira woke up a bit easier.  I was able to cram in both a run and short swim workout today at the gym,  because it was raining pretty hard in the morning.  It did end up clearing up and turning into a nice day, but it was nice to have the workouts done early.   Soren was tired and just wanted to go home afterwards.  Keira got super stripey after school since she was hot in her sweater dress.

We added our LED candles to the mantle:

Keira was able to get up pretty easily this morning and got off to school fairly easily. 

Soren, on the other hand, had a bit of a rough morning.  He pulled a stocking holder down on himself while I was upstairs, and it landed on his foot.  It took him a long time to calm down, and an even longer time to walk on it.  It pretty much got to the point where if he didn't walk, we were going to Dr/ER.  I finally got him to walk, and felt a bit like a bad mom for taking him to the gym, but I figured he might do better playing with other kids, and if he was just going to sit around on the couch in front of the TV, he could do that there too.  It ended up being a good call because he didn't sit hardly at all and spent the time playing with some other boys his age, and wasn't limping at all when I picked him up.

We went to Chick Fil A, and had a good lunch.  Soren ate all his food today, and then played a bit.  He also put his face in the hole:

He crashed once in the car, and napped in the car a bit. 

On Friday, we didn't do much.  I felt pretty tired, and new we had a big day for Saturday.  Keira woke up on her own this morning.  Soren woke up shortly after, though.  I spent the morning calling around on brake prices, and took my car in for an inspection.  The verdict was pretty dismal, so I spent the afternoon calling around some more.  I need tires too, so I was hoping to find a place with the best price on both, but that was proving to be elusive. 

Ryan came from home from work, and we went over to Costco to do some quick shopping and return a defective window candle, and then ate dinner at Moe's.  It is a burrito fast casual place similar to Chipotle and Q'doba.  We were able to hang our star tonight.  We tried putting up our old tree in our landing, but it cast too much light on the star.  It wasn't really visible from the road, and wasn't lighting properly, so we took it down.  It was a good idea, but it just didn't work out right. 

Saturday was our big day.  We all got ready, and while I took the kids over to Keira's school for Winter Wonderland, Ryan drove to IKEA in Cinncinnati to get a new kitchen table and chairs for it and the dining room.  It was all that he could fit in the escape.  The kids had a great time at Winter Wonderland, and got to see Santa.  They did some crafts too.

Also, while we waited for Ryan to return, I was able to get my brakes fixed, at a much reduced rate.  Hopefully the car is set on brakes until we replace the whole thing!  Ryan returned, and I got in a run.  It was strange to be able to run in a tank and skirt the same day as the kids went to Winter Wonderland.  When I got back, Ryan went on a mountain bike ride at Waverly.  Once he returned, we met up at 5 Guys for dinner.  It was such a full day.  The kids also made this movie in their snowman shirts.

That evening, Ryan and I got the table and chairs put together.  I thought I had a picture, but I will have to put one up later.
Sunday was a typical church day.  We did go in early today because Ryan received a new calling.  He is now serving as the Young Men's 1st Counselor.

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