Sunday, November 13, 2011

Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon

These week was another one of those low key weeks with a busy weekend.  We had a lot of excitement with a visit from Grandma and Grandpa, a climbing trip with scouts for Ryan, ANOTHER half marathon for me, and the Primary Program for Keira.

On Monday, we had our usual day.  Keira went to school in the morning, and I took Soren to the gym for a short swim.  It was very irritating today, because I went to the gym around 11, thinking I would have plenty of time for a 20 minute swim and then shower before the childcare closed at 12.  I ended up having to wait 35 minutes for a turn in the pool.  I am actually glad I didn't get there a half hour earlier like I had initially planned because then I would have waited for over an hour, because they were all gone right around 10:15.  I got the key with just enough time for 800m, a super fast shower, then then was 5 minutes late getting Soren.  He was fine, but I felt sort of bad for the ladies working there.  However, if they didn't have the policy they have as far as allowing people to check out pool  key while they were not actually using the pool, then I would not have needed to wait so long.  The pool was entirely empty when I got my key.  Very annoying. 

Keira had ballet this afternoon as usual.

On Tuesday, Keira had off for voting day.  We went to the gym, even though I had a light workout planned.  It was fun for Keira to go and play with Soren.  Soren has a much better time when Keira goes.  We went to storytime next.  We were a tad late, and then Keira and Soren got into a huge fight over Keira's snack, so I think this was the shortest storytime ever! 

We went to trader Joe's afterwards.  It just opened near the gym.  The kids had a blast pushing their own carts around, but yet again, another meltdown.  This time was Keira's turn, she was mad she didn't get to push her cart all the way to the car.  Our final stop before heading home was voting.  We had no issues on the ballot or any non partisan section, so it was very quick. The kids played with friends during the afternoon.

On Wednesday, things were back to normal somewhat.  Keira went to school, and then it was a bit wet outside so Soren and I kept a watch on the weather to get in a dry short run outside.  I got cleaned up and then we headed to costco.  I was really excited to get things from the new coupon book, but as it turned out, it didn't start until Thursday.  We still found a lot of things to buy, though.

While Ryan was at scouts, the kids and I had a blast dancing to the music channels on our cable.  We had a mini dance party and Keira was actually asking to go to sleep since she was worn out.

On Thursday, I took Soren downtown to packet pick up for my race this weekend.  It really wasn't an expo, just a room to get my shirt and a gu.  Nothing fancy.  We parked exactly where we needed to be, so it didn't take long at all.  The shirt was a really nice shirt though.

On Friday, we didn't really do much.  It was nice to have a restful day the day before a race.  Soren and I pretty much hung out all day, just waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to arrive.  

They got in a little after Keira got home from school, and then Ryan arrived.  He had to get the car loaded up to go to the Red River Gorge to go camping and climbing with the boy scouts at church.   Once he left, my parents, the kids, and I went to the Olive Garden for some carbo loading.  The kids were really good at dinner, and ate well. 

On Saturday, Soren woke up very early, and had to be put back to bed several times.  I was able to go back to sleep the first time he woke up, but I needed to get ready for the race when he got up the next 2 times. My dad came down to the race with me, and we parked really close to the start.  We found Rhonda right away, and then found more of the Landsharks.  I had pretty low time expectations, since it was my third half marathon in less than a month and my second in a week.  I started what I thought was conservative, but once I hit the hills, I wished I hadn't started quite as fast.  The last 4 miles were pretty tough, even though it was pretty flat at that point.  I was able to finish just under 1:45, which was what I had hoped for.  My dad and I had a rather long walk back to the car, since the finish wasn't as close to the start as I thought. 

We got home and my parents watch the game with the kids.  We did a bit of shopping after it ended, and then got dinner.  Ryan returned while we were out.  He set up 2 routes for his scouts and spent the day belaying them.  Everyone was pretty worn out from the long day and it was an early night.

On Sunday, my parents came to church with us for Sacrament Meeting because it was the Primary Program.  Keira did great, and my class did pretty well.  We had a few issues with children not saying their parts, but aside from that, not terrible.  We said good bye to Grandma and Grandpa at church, before heading to our classes.

Once home from church, we made some fall cupcakes that I had initially planned to make for Halloween.  We just had so many treats for Halloween and with my new race plans, I just didn't want to make anymore.  Now that the race plans are done, I figured I could indulge a bit while I recover and prepare for Boston training, which starts in a little less than a month.


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