Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Snow Snow!

This week was pretty much a lead up week to our vacation. We had a lot of snow here, which makes for a good upcoming ski trip!

We started the week with a playdate after Keira's school with Miss Lynn. She worked at the gym daycare until the management changed, and Soren was very attached to her. They were really happy to get to see her.

Ryan also picked up helmets for the kids. Keira went nuts with her on, but Soren was much more reserved, and needed to be bribed with a Hershey's kiss to put his on.

On Tuesday, it snowed most of the day. Keira and Soren played inside for a short time. The mustang still goes everywhere!

We also went outside just before it got dark for some fun in the snow, but didn't stay outside too long since dinner was about to be ready and it was getting dark.

On Wednesday, Keira's class went outside. The snow was falling lightly all morning, and made for a great day to play outside.

We spent some time indoors too, but went outside in the afternoon.

Keira wanted some hot chocolate one we got inside, since she had on her hot chocolate shirt!

On Thursday, we started the morning at Kindermusik. Keira and Soren love going to these. They remembered that this was where Santa was! We actually won a CD from that visit, and they gave it to us today.

Friday was a pretty big day. I had planned to go to the gym for a quick swim this morning, but that didn't work out. I had gotten all ready to get in the pool, including rinsing off, when I saw that the pool was closed. I was furious that the sign for the pool being closed was past the locker room shower area. Really, it was annoying enough that it was closed, but really irritating that I was now all wet and learning the pool was closed. I spoke to the manager, who assured me that there would be a sign on the front of the locker room. I personally would like one on the front door. So, I got dried off and took Soren to the mall to kill the time before heading to the library for storytime.

He was in heaven because the theme for today was Transportation, so the books and stories were about trains, trucks, buses, and diggers!

It was jeans day at school for Keira, which caused a bit of stress getting ready. She would rather wear dresses.

After we picked Keira up from school, we met up with Michelle and Amber for visiting teaching. We had a good visit with them, and we ran into some other friends from church while we were out as well. From lunch, we drove down to meet Linda at IKEA, because I had planned to purchase a bookcase that was too large to fit in either of our vehicles with the carseats in. Sadly, they were out of stock when we got there. I should have checked online, but we had made the arrangements for today a few days ago anyway. Keira and Soren enjoyed frozen yogurt, and I got some picture frames for the latest round of "cousins" pictures as well as figured out how to hang our Christmas present picture of the Subway in Zions National Park.

On Saturday, we had a pretty busy day. Ryan rode indoors with his friends during the morning. While he was gone, we hit Costco, Target, and Meijer, all in one outing, to get food and snacks for our upcoming vacation. Once Ryan got home, I left for my 16 mile run. It was pretty cold, but tolerable, and I ran in the warmest part of the day, the afternoon. I had an awesome pace, and averaged 8:34. Part of this was due to the fact that I knew I would not be running until Thursday of next week. I ran at Kensington, where it was plowed for a little over 5 miles. It was tough running by the beaches, which are fairly unprotected from the wind, but I was very pleased with my run. Keira and Soren anxiously awaited the arrival of Grandma and Grandpa, who were coming up today to break up their drive for our ski trip to start on Sunday.

Here is some of Keira's artwork for the week:

I am going to end it here as my next post will cover the start of the ski vacation.

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