Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Prep and UM/MSU Game

This is going to be hopefully a quick post. I didn't get a chance to do the updated before vacation, but we did a few fun things, including going to the UM/MSU football game, so I can't completely gloss over the week. I also spent a great deal of time working on a pumpkin craft. I am going to take it through right before we leave for vacation, since that post is shaping up to be MASSIVE, on account of all the fabulous fall scenery in Northern Michigan.

On Monday, I started off the day with a presidency meeting at Shannon's house. Soren enjoyed playing Shannon's piano with Luke. They played really well today.

We met up with Nana for some lunch and playtime at Laurel Park.

On Tuesday, we didn't do much. Keira and Soren enjoyed hanging out at home playing with Soren's new toys.

On Wednesday, we did the library storytime. Soren really loves these. We were able to check out some Halloween books this week, which have been a hit.

Keira didn't want her picture taken today.

I had noticed some pumpkins from Chasing Fireflies catalog that I really liked, but did not like the price tag at all, and they looked straightforward to make, and substantially cheaper. After Keira and Soren went to bed, I ran out and made my first trips to Michael's and Joann's to start this project. Michael's had craft pumpkins on sale this week, which were exactly what I had been looking for to make this craft. I didn't get them finished, just because I ended up painting two small pumpkins because I couldn't buy them already black or white. I stayed up pretty late working on them.

Thursday, we went to the gym and learned that Lynn had quit. Soren was pretty upset by this, but thankfully had Keira to hang out with today. I finished my pumpkin crafting. I got Keira and Soren dressed up in Halloween attire to help with the mood.

I worked on my craft as much as I could while Soren napped. I ran out of rhinestones, and needed to make a trip out to Joann's to get more. Finally, after much work, I got them done.

On Friday, I put out these fun pumpkin outdoor candle holders that I got on one of my 5 trips to Joann's and Micheal's. Keira and Soren enjoyed stuffing as many leaves as they could into them.

It got really warm today. After having dinner at Noodles, we went to REI to get sleeping bags for Keira and Soren for our upcoming vacation. They enjoyed trying them out in the store.

On Saturday, Ryan rode two laps of Maybury for his training for Peak2Peak next weekend. I also put on my bone pjs for Keira and Soren.

Valerie and I ran 7 miles with the kids while Ryan rode. Afterwards, Keira and Soren rode around the court.

Soren was so proud of himself for getting this set up from Keira's little people. He did this by himself:

Then, Kris and Linda picked up Keira and Soren from our house so that Ryan and I could go to the UM/MSU game. We are very thankful that they could watch them for us, because we would not have been able to go otherwise. The game started with a parachute landing from the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles. It was very cool, and was right in our end zone!

The outcome of the game could have been a lot better, but we still enjoyed it. It was a fabulous day for football, and was fun for Ryan and I to spend the afternoon/evening together.
On Sunday, we spent the afternoon after church relaxing at home.

On Monday, I had a very busy day. While Keira was at school, we went to the gym and Soren had a better day. Once we picked up Keira, we met up with Linda for lunch to pick up our carseat from Saturday. We also played outside a bit.

That evening, I met up with Cortnie to try out Crossfit. Cortnie lives a bit to the west of me, and had inquired about a place to do it. Rick, from TIA, is an instructor at Sticks in Brighton, so he set us up with a free baseline assessment with Chris Tamer, the owner. It was a great workout, and really REALLY pushed me hard. The whole idea is that you are given a set workout, and then you do it as fast as you can. Chris took this video of our session.
On Tuesday, Keira got invited by Charlotte to try out her dance class. It was bring a friend week, and we jumped at the chance. Keira had a blast, and did a good job of following instructions. She looked so cute too!

Soren was a bit bummed that he couldn't dance too. With the changes at my gym, he refused to go into the child care center with Charlotte's sister during the class, and patiently waited with me.

After the class, we went to a farewell lunch for Julie from church. I will really miss her!
Up next, our trip!

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