Sunday, February 21, 2010

Water Fun in the Winter

We spent a ton of time in the pool this week. There were no library storytimes, so we were able to do some other activities, and Keira was on winter break for Thursday. We also welcomed Nana and Papa home from thei Utah ski trip.

On Monday, after my swim in the pool, we headed over to a complimentary swim at the Goldfish Swim School. It is a rather pricey indoor swimming facility that is geared towards teaching young children to swim and be safe around water. I am allowed to take Keira and Soren into my gym's pool, but with no lifeguards on duty, I don't plan to take them both unless I know there are others in the pool at least. It was nice to be able to go to the swim school where I knew there would be lifeguards and other people around in the event of an emergency. Soren was pretty unsure in the beginning, but really warmed up to it. He enjoyed just floating around on his back in his life jacket. Keira enjoyed holding onto a barbell type float. They had all sorts of pool toys, including a car, canoe, and this airplane.

We also got Keira's hair cut tonight at Snip its. They did a great job, but we were surprised that it was more expensive than our favorite salon (for us) out in Ann Arbor. It was close, and did save us a trip to Ann Arbor, so in all, it wasn't that bad of a choice. This is a "before" picture with her LONG ponytail.

We cut off about 3 inches, but her hair is still pretty long.

Soren seemed sad he didn't get his hair cut too, but he isn't quite scrappy enough.

On Tuesday, Keira had school and made a President's Day craft. It is George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

It was also Fat Tuesday, or paczki day here in the D. According to the package (which came from Kroger), in Poland, for hundreds of years they celebrate the arrival of Lent by making paczki (punch-key). They are delicious jelly filled dough balls covered with several types of sugar or glaze. They were made the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday because they were going to fast for 40 days and needed to use up the ingredients in their homes. In Germany, they are known as Berliners and in Austria, the celebrate with Krapfen. According to Ryan, the Kroger variety were not nearly as good as some that were brought into Ford, but I found them to be tastier than Meijer's. There are many bakeries in Hamtramck that specialize in them at this time of year. Due to a presidency meeting, I couldn't make the drive. I did bring a large variety of flavors to my meeting, including cream cheese, vanilla cream, blueberry, lemon, and apple. All of my presidency members are transplants to the area (and I have been here the longest by far), and none had tasted a paczki before. Shannon, who lived in New Orleans previously and was missing Mardi Gras, was happy to learn that Detroit did have its own Fat Tuesday tradition. Soren and Keira both enjoyed their pazckis. Neither of them finished a whole one, which made me eat a lot of leftovers. They have around 600-800 calories each, so needless to say, I was pretty full feeling all day.

On Wednesday, we had a pretty relaxing day. I made it to the gym, and with nothing immediately pressing, was able to get in a really nice swim workout. I also had to do a few things for Primary today.

On Thursday, Keira had the day off, so we were able to hit the gym first thing. Then, I took Keira back to the Goldfish Swim School today for a free trial lesson. She did great, but the lessons are very very expensive, so we likely won't be enrolling her any time soon. She worked on scooping water, floating on her back, and kicking. She looked so cute with swim googles on! I wished I had taken a picture. Once we returned home, it turned out to be quite the nice day. Soren loves playing in the snow, and learned how yucky it is to fall in snow in jeans. We had to go inside and change after this, and it became a reoccuring event throughout the rest of the week.

We also got out the mover for Soren and Keira's bike. Keira had been asking to bike for several days now, especially after seeing Ryan head out on the weekends to ride. Soren really wants a bike badly too. In fact, Keira took a little spill, and at first, when I saw Soren running up, I though he was going to give Keira a hug too. No, he just wanted her bike. We did let him take a turn on it, but it is a bit too big (and girly) for him.

They made it outside for quite some time. I was pretty cold by the time we came in. Here we are clowning around waiting for Ryan to get home.

On Friday, I was able to get my workout and some grocery shopping done before with enough time to head over to Valerie D's. Keira had not been able to play with Katie in a while, and I had not been able to catch up with Valerie either. Keira had a great time playing dress up with Katie.

In the evening, we went to family swim at Botsford with Cristina and her boys. I hadn't seen Cristina in a while, so it was nice to see her and Keira just loves the water. As earlier, Soren was a bit unsure, but warmed right up. He enjoyed floating around on his back and being held upright with a barbell. Keira floated around with a barbell too.

Saturday was a beautiful and busy day for us. All of us went to a baptism for Allison, the daughter of Kent and Valerie B. As Primary President, I got to be the one to welcome Ally to the ward, and it was so much easier to do the welcome for someone that I know really well. Since Sundays seem to be a bit crazy getting ready before church and getting changed quicky to eat afterwards, sometimes we don't get very many good pictures of Keira and Soren all dressed up. We had some fun with the camera before getting changed out of church clothes, as well as a bit after.

After that, Ryan headed to the tree farm where he was able to get in a much better ride than last week. While he was gone, I took Keira and Soren out in the jogging stroller for my first run with them of the year. It was pretty hard. I was able to keep up my pace, but not my distance. Both Keira and Soren conked out in the stroller. Keira hasn't been napping so much anymore, but Soren still does. It was a good nap for Keira, but it messed up Soren a bit, and he wouldn't go back to sleep inside.

Once we were all cleaned up, we headed out to Ann Arbor to look at some bikes. Sadly, due to our order of stops, I took too much time at the first shop prior to dinner at Chipotle. When we went to the second shop, which was the one Ryan really wanted to see, they were closed already. We came home in time for a fun bath, and it is hard to tell from the pictures, but both Keira and Soren have bubble beards from the tub.

On Sunday, I woke up feeling utterly exhausted because Soren slept miserably. He was up every two hours! Needless to say, this day was a bit of a challenge, and we were late to church. After church, we went over to Kris and Linda's and brought them an afternoon meal. Kris suffered a broken thumb in a skiing accident earlier in the week and was recovering from surgery on Friday. He was doing pretty well for our visit. Keira wasn't too sure about Papa's arm being all wrapped up, but Soren didn't seem too phased by it.

Additionally, since I was so exhausted by Soren's night waking, we are trying something new tonight. We kicked Soren out of our room and have him in the crib tonight. Keira is sleeping on our fold out couch in the kitchen, and we have our room to ourselves. Hopefully Soren will learn how to stay asleep quickly so that we just need to move Keira back into her bed and we will be kicking ourselves for not trying this earlier. We know it won't be instant, but are hoping Keira doesn't have to spend too many nights in the kitchen. That will probably be our biggest update for next week. Here are few shots of Keira getting ready to go to sleep in our kitchen.
Soren has his arms folded, ready to say the prayer!


Elizabeth Downie said...

Wow, you're the primary president!? And what a busy week you had! Cute kids, by the way! :)

Jim @ Goldfish said...

Glad you liked Goldfish. Come back and visit us again!

Jim TerMarsch
Media Relations
Goldfish Swim School

Luna said...

Yum! The paczki look good!