Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas at Three Cedars Farm

We are busily preparing to go to Germany tomorrow! Yeah! So this will be a quick update on last week and what we have done so far this week. Our main highlight of the week was going to the Three Cedars Farm over the weekend. I also did all of my workouts indoors this week due to it being cold and having the means to do it.

We started the week with our usual storytime at the library. This was for Soren age, and he really enjoyed it. As you can see by the two photos below, they were not really in sync, but having a great time anyway.

One funny thing that Keira mentioned today was that she was upset that it was too cold to go out to play. We made an attempt to go to the playground, but Keira was really the only one who was happy.

On Tuesday, Keira had school. We had some silliness afterwards as usual.

On Wednesday, we had a another repeat of Monday. Miss Kathryn had this fun puppet for 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

Soren was very excited that he got a sticker at the completion of Storytime. He usually eats them, so I don't even have him get one, but he walked up to Miss Kathryn and got one, and kept it on for a decent amount of time.

On Thursday, we had another really busy day. While Keira was at school, I went to church to do the bulletin boards. Fortunately, I felt prepared so that it went really well. I wasn't able to finish my binders (which have been all consuming it seems), but they are at least back at church and not all over the house. Soren had the WORST hat head at church. It wouldn't lay down, but fortunately fell over time.

After I picked up Keira from school, we had to shoot over and get the last dose of our H1N1 flu vaccines. It feels like a relief to get that taken care of, especially before our trip.

This week got even more busy as Friday arrived. I was able to get in a nice long workout and then met up with my visiting teachers, Amber and Michelle, and their children at the mall. Keira loves Zach, and really missing being in nursery with him. She will be in Kindergarten with him provided neither of us moves. Soren will be in nursery with Sydney next March. I didn't get very many good pictures, but here is what I have.

On Saturday, Ryan tried out his studded mountain bike tires for the first time. They made a huge difference, however, winter riding is still more challenging than other times of the year. I was happy that the tires worked out for Ryan, and was able to get in a 5 mile run at the gym. It is hard to do long runs on the treadmill, but the TVs and iPod jacks certainly help. I did have a reason to cut it short, as I attended a baby shower for Rachel right after.

As if we did not do enough already, we went to Three Cedars Farm to see their Christmas display and visit with Santa. It was such a fun time. I really enjoyed it. We had hot cider and donuts, and they were AWESOME! Keira and Soren played outside on the train, and had so much fun. We felt like we were constantly trying to convince Keira that the next thing was better than what we were currently doing because she was having so much fun, she didn't want to stop. We went inside the barn where they had it all decorated, and visited with Santa. Keira and Soren were both really afraid, so our picture isn't the greatest. We will definitely be back next year.

On Sunday, we went to church and then to Kris and Linda's for a yummy breakfast for dinner of french toast made with chocolate chip brioche, eggs, and bacon. I love french toast, especially this french toast! Soren ate quite a bit, and we also learned that he takes after his mother and ate an incredible amount of whipped cream all by itself. We also enjoyed listening to Christmas music. Soren was so funny. He figured out he could climb onto the coffee table and just danced and danced. It was hysterical!

On Monday, we worked to get things ready for the trip. We did do the storytime, but then did a ton of errands. I met up with Linda at Ikea, and she was able to watch Keira for me in the afternoon so I could pack and get things ready.

Today we spent more of the day packing. Keira went to school, and brought home some gifts. Here is the ornament she made for Ryan and I.

Keira and Soren are also really enjoying going to the gym with me. Keira has learned to ride the tricycle they have there. She is actually big enough for it, and can pedal it very well. We also had a special treat tonight. Our neighbor, Ariana, and her Girl Scout troop teamed up with another troop and caroled at our home. It was so great, especially because two of the girls from the other troop were from my GOTR team! They didn't even know it was my house, so it was a great suprise for everyone. We are feeling really ready for the trip. We are really excited and can't wait. Our next post won't be until we get back. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

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