Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Maybury Time Trial Update

Ryan was officially 5th in his age group in the sport category, after reviewing the official results. Hopefully this think won't change. Comparing his time to the beginner riders's times, he would have won the beginner category as a whole, but he was also in the top quarter of the Sport category, which means that riding Sport was a good decision in order to progress. Here are some of the pictures from my mom's camera, as well as a photo we got from the MMBA website. I had tried to upload them individually, but I kept getting errors. I didn't race, but I did get all geared up because I did ride out on the pavement to see Ryan on the course. I did get a comment about requiring 2 race entry fees! Too bad I am not good at using my mom's camera, because it would have done a great job, based on the clarity of the one shot I did take (shot of trees, mostly).

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