Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First Blog

Well, I don't really know where to start. We are rather behind on this whole blogging thing, so I will probably take this back a little while to catch everyone up to speed. Not to be too boring, I won't take this too far, but to start, Keira turned 1 in June, and we had a great time celebrating her birthday. We were able to have festivities for her in both our condo in Michigan and our temporary apartment in Ohio. We celebrated in Ohio by taking a trip to the Cheesecake Factory, and in Michigan by having a small party at the condo.

Here we are at the Maybury XC, my first mountain biking race, and Ryan's second. It was not the easiest thing for me to do while training for my marathon. I was very glad that it was over, but it was a great time. Ryan did very well, winning his age group, like he did last year.

Keira attended her first collegiate football game, to see University of Michigan vs Appalachian State. She did amazingly well, in part that there were beach balls being tossed around our section and the fact that I took her out of the stands for a large amount of time to walk around. She is very good at walking and wants to walk everywhere now.

This week I am recovering from one of my big races of the season. I completed Dances With Dirt, in Hell, MI. It is a 100K trail relay, and we only had 4 teammembers, instead of the originally planned 5. Needless to say, there was extra running required. It was a great experience, and will hopefully compliment my marathon training.